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GAME REVIEW – Batman: The Telltale Series

Well folks, the team at Telltale games have really knocked it out of the park with this one. Batman The Telltale Series was released this week to console players both on the Xbox and the Playstation 4. I must say, from its initial announcement, this is one game that I was super excited about. Telltale games did an amazing job to control every aspect of the game, even to the point of keeping any and all leaks to the absolute bare minimum. Believe me I tried. That being said Yes, I’m aware that mobile devices have to wait until September, but keep in mind that when the game is released for you, you will get more episodes than what is out now.

Lead writer Zack Keller’s story puts us into the world of Gotham when Batman is still young in the game of fighting crime, and Jim Gordon is still a lieutenant of Major Crimes within GCPD. Harvey Dent is still District Attorney, but we see that he is running for Mayor of Gotham City, with the support of Bruce Wayne. As goes any other of the Telltale games, it brings a new form of story telling as the decisions you make in the game change the direction and the outcome of the game as a whole. What also makes this game different from most other games is the fact that we have to wait for new episodes to come out, much like a Netflix exclusive. While episode 1 is out right now, we have to wait for the next episode to come out.

The game is cinematic in nature, and if you’re not paying attention you will miss key dialogue points where a decision has to be made. Ignoring these parts of the game Batman 1will cause a potential shift in the game for you, so make sure you’re paying attention. Telltale games has brought Troy Baker to reprise his role of the Dark Knight in a story that is encased with a plot twist that will most definitely cause you to say “what the f***?!” or at least that’s what I did. That’s how good the twist was just in the first episode.

It really is as if this was a comic book that was directly transformed into a video game. The graphics team has done an amazing job with the look and feel of the game, using cell shading to give us that iconic Telltale game feel with keeping the comic book feel as well.

If you’re new to the whole Telltale games, then I would highly recommend you start with this game in particular. The unique feel of watching the story unfold right before your eyes puts you right in the middle of the action.

One nice aspect of these games is the controls for the game are so incredibly simple. You’ll be given on-screen instructions of what button to press and when, and failure to do so will (like anything else in the game) change the impact of the story as a whole. One thing about these games as a whole that I personally have enjoyed is the fact that I am able to sit back and relax as the story is presented. While I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next interactive part, I get to enjoy the deep story with all of its twists and turns that come with it. I can guarantee that you’ll get a great amount of action in the first episode, and this story does not disappoint one bit in that department.

Much like the previous Batman games of the past, especially the Arkham series, we also get the opportunity to really be The World’s Greatest Detective as he investigates and searches for clues to discover the true plot. I have to be vague about it because the plot twist just in the first episode will really dictate how the game will go, and I personally do not like to spoil surprises and this is one of those moments where I shall keep my mouth quiet…. for now. But the environments that you’re in are so well drawn that you really have to be like Batman and be noticing everything around. The game however does help you out in order to quickly identify these points of interest, but it is up to you to not only decipher them, but you also have to make the connection as well in order to move the story forward.

Season 1 of Batman The Telltale Series will have 5 episodes, and with a disc release scheduled to come out mid September, we are at least guaranteed to have episode 2 out either before or around the time of  release of the game in disc form. There is no report as of right now of a second season of the game, but if the story continues as well as it is just with the first episode, I would be shocked and heartbroken if there is a no season 2. However, with as popular as Batman is, and especially with the influx of Batman in the movies, I see this game doing very well not only for the Telltale franchise games, but for DC Comics as well. The game is available now for consoles (Xbox and Playstation) and PC on Steam. I recommend purchasing the season pass as that will give you access to all of the episodes when they release without having to buy each one individually, and for these types of games it is totally worth it. So what are you waiting for? Download it today and experience what it really is like to be both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

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