GAME REVIEW: Drawn To Death: Poor Execution!

Drawn To Death is a third person shooter developed by The Bartlet Jones where, in teams of two or individually, you fight inside a high school student’s sketch pad. I purchased this game because it seemed to be a cool concept that would be at the very least interesting to play. The visuals and the art style are what really Drew me into Drawn to Death. It is a mostly black and white game as if you are being drawn in a notebook while you’re fighting. The game wants to take you into the mind of a high school student and play through his fantasies.

The character designs are fantastic. Each character is entirely different from any other. All characters have different abilities that counteract or disable other characters abilities. The look of each character is very different as well, while being grotesquely designed they all still have an individuality about them.  One is a cyborg vampire while another is a demonic western gunslinger. There is a tutorial as well and this was very humorous. I thought it was entertaining at the very least for a tutorial. There is a dissected frog that speaks badly about you and constantly mentions how great your mother is in bed. It feels true to being a dumb high school students notebook though still entertaining.

Where this game begins to lose its charisma is when you get into the actual gameplay. This is a strictly online game that is centered on Player Versus Player combat. I have played a few matches as of writing this review. The first match went as planned, another player and I were up against two other players and it was a close match. The gameplay was a bit clunky but it was fun. I then joined another match. This is where things got really bad. I was put up against two people without a teammate. These two players had far more experience than I did and dominated the entire match without me being able to accomplish anything. If there is a game mode that is purely 2v2 and it places you in a match where you are up against an enemy team without a teammate of your own I feel the game has failed at its core by not applying the rules it created for itself.

Furthermore the game lacks diversity when it comes to weapons. You had multiple machine guns with high power and anything else was simply useless. Any attempt to use another weapon in the matches I played failed. It seems to me like the weapons are not balanced and there is much work to be done before they are balanced. The game is boiled down to shooting with a machine gun at cool looking targets.

Another flaw I noticed was that the game has incredibly boring level design. Each level is just a blank background with a few obstacles and maybe a ramp here and there. It is simply bland and just not fun to play in. With the fantastic art of the characters I would have loved to see diverse and elaborate maps where they all have different atmosphere and a life of their own, rather than them all just being boring and bland.

Overall, Drawn To Death was a fantastic concept with some really cool art and style, yet, through lack of content, boring maps, and incredibly poor matchmaking, I rate this game 2/5.

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