GAME REVIEW: Guns of Icarus Alliance


What do you get when you mix Steampunk, First Person Shooters, air superiority, and a team effort in order to survive? Well let me tell you, the team at Muse Games definitely figured it out. I bring to you Guns of Icarus Alliance. Coming off of the already epic game Guns of Icarus Online, this DLC includes a massive amount of new PvE content which enhances the fun time that you’re already having with the base game.

If you haven’t had a chance to play Guns of Icarus yet, bookmark this article, pick up theAir ships Guns of Icarus game here and then come back and read the rest of this. The game puts you as part of a crew of an airship that has a customizable arsenal capable of showing your opponents who truly maintains air superiority. The interesting thing about this game is the fact that as you’re playing through the game not only do you need to be aware of the enemies around you, but you also have to keep your ship up in the air. You can’t really complete the objectives if your ship is a flaming pile of rubble in the ground now can you. But seriously though, this really is the Ultimate Team Game, and you have to work together or you’ll end up as the scenario that I just described.


Now that I’ve explained at least the main part of the game, which again you can pick up on Steam right now and hopefully you’re downloading the game while reading the rest of this article. Yes I am attempting to Guns of Icarus Alliance Character Customizationbreak the 4th wall here. But back to the DLC here. You jump into the game and it allows you all sorts of customizable features such as the look of your character and the tools that your character may have. This will be affected by the position you choose whether that be pilot, gunner, or engineer. I must say though, for not being a big time steampunk fanatic, I did enjoy this aspect of the game. There was something dark and gritty about it that just screamed awesome. The factions from a visual viewpoint really showed the diversity of each based off of where in the world they’re from. The different game modes provided various objectives to appeal to all types of gamers, but the one main theme between every game mode is working together as a team. I don’t think I could stress this enough. Communicating with your team, and being aware of what’s happening both in completing the objectives, destroying your opponents and keeping your ship airborne requires constant communication.


During my opportunity to test out the new DLC with the developers, I quickly realized and appreciated the fact that while I, being the rookie of the group, could very well have picked up the concept of the game and held my own, it was in the best interest of the team, the game itself, and our sanity, to really listen to my team and pay attention to what my part of being on the team is. I for this particular set of games, chose the class of being an Engineer. This really allowed me to be able to help the team achieve the goal of staying up in the air by ensuring that the components of the ship did not blow up into a flaming ball of death.3047601-trailer_gunsoficarus_alliance_20160412 I’ll tell you, I absolutely loved it. Even though the DLC is only in the alpha phase, and of course there are bugs to be worked out, it truly was a phenomenal experience.

So what should you take from this? Well for starters, if your internet connection is where it should be for any game, you should be getting ready to play this fantastic game. Along with already pre-ordering this epic DLC content. The ships look amazing, the environments looks spectacular, controls are simple to grasp and the game does support the use of controllers. Which I will tell you being the console gamer that I am, knowing that really made me smile. Above all else, this really is a team sport, so go out there and get your team together and do everything necessary to not end up in a flaming pile of rubble.

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