GAME REVIEW – Infinium Strike – Space Defense on a Whole New Scale!

One does not simply defend their ship, unless your ship is a massive weapon with the capability to not only defend the galaxy, but show those enemies whose boss. From the creative minds at Codex Worlds comes the game Infinium Strike. This award-winning game out of PAX East comes a strategy that is simple in concept and strategy, but will push you to the limits of Tactical Starship Defense.

The story puts the players in the year 2170, and humans are falling victim to the Wrog. A race of enigmatic organic ships that has nearly decimated the existence of humans, until the 20160718213206_1Freedom Strike came to battle. This high-tech super battle cruiser has the ability to have turrets added and upgraded along with so many other abilities to stand up against the Wrog in the battle for the human race. From the initial cut scene, we get a glimpse of just how massive this star ship really is. I’m not even joking, this ship is huge!

But don’t underestimate this war ship just by its size. This ship packs a punch and even then that is an understatement. As I said the concept of the game is rather simple in theory. You have four sides of the ship, all of which have spaces to place various types of turrets on the ship to protect you from the incoming onslaught of Wrog ships as they try to annihilate your existence. Along with the turrets, the Freedom Strike itself also has a set of abilities that will come in to your aid of protecting you as well, but make sure that when you use those abilities that you use them wisely as they have a slower cool down rate.

The controls for this game are fairly easy to pick up, and being a console gamer myself, it was nice to be able to pick up the controls quickly without little frustration. The graphics are absolutely stunning as the developers did an amazing job to really capture that essence of just how large space truly is. The challenge comes with having to figure out how to prioritize what side to focus on as ships are attacking you from all sides, and you as the player need to not only plan ahead for the incoming wave after wave after wave of enemy ships, but also managing your resources wisely.

As you go through each mission, you’re allotted a certain amount of starting platforms, and each 20160718214041_1mission provides a new set of challenges to really challenge you to maximize every decision to survive. Easy to pick up, but challenging to master.

I enjoyed the challenge and I was constantly checking each side of the Freedom strike to ensure that I was well protected on each side of the ship. This allowed for me to utilize all the additional abilities that the ship has from a short timed shield boost, to a massive weapon blast that destroys everything in its vicinity. The map was easy to be able to understand and doesn’t require a lot of effort to try to read and translate to what needs to happen next.

The game is available right now on Steam for $14.99 and works on both PC and Mac, and it was20160718214600_1 just announced the other day that Codex Worlds will be releasing its first DLC, Infinium Strike: Broken Overlord. This DLC will provide new mini campaign missions along with two new Freedom Strike ships and a new Wrog ship as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go destory the Wrog and save the human race. You’re our only hope Obi-Wan…. uhhh… I mean….. Go save the universe and show them who’s boss.

Get your copy of Infinium Strike HERE

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