GAME REVIEW – Super Mutant Alien Assault – Because who doesn’t love Aliens and Guns?

What happens when you combine Aliens, with guns, and random maps? It’s not that other game that you’re thinking of you sneaky one you. In fact, You’re probably not even expecting the awesomeness that you’re about to experience from this game. Why you ask? If you think back to the days of the 16-bit consoles, where games during those days were in some case simple in concept, but the execution of that game which you thought was “easy” turned into a challenge that caused your mind to have to think outside of the box in order to survive. In our day, where we have games with such an open world environment that at times it can be overwhelming. But every now and then, there is a game that will not only challenge you, but it will also test your abilities to think outside of the box while remaining inside the box. That game is Super Mutant Alien Assault.

Super Mutant Alien Assault

From the creative team at Cybernate, they bring us a game that puts you in the position of a team of aliens who are on a mission to eradicate their ship that is full of aliens who seek to destroy their ship. You have to out move, and out smart these invaders while saving your own skin. Oh did I mention that you only have one life? Now the game becomes more challenging doesn’t it. The beauty of this game, is it in fact possible to be able to go through the maps in single player. But I will tell you, having that teammate there to not only save your bacon, but to also assist you in your quest to save your ship from annihilation is definitely appreciated and highly recommended.

The game is full of rich colors and graphics that look beautiful in High Definition, while still giving you that classic side scroller feel to it as well. The controls are smooth and easy to pick up, and that was a feature that I definitely appreciated because of the fact that it was easy to get accustomed to and be able to just jump right in. I will say, as you play this game, one word of advice would be pay attention to the weapons that you pick up. This is especially helpful in the event that you pick up a rocket launcher. I wouldn’t suggest that you be standing close to the wall when you let that bad boy go. You’ll feel it for sure, and not in a good way.

Goes Kaboom

The co-op mode was a feature that I personally liked. Being able to team up with your friend allows for better strategy in your quest to survive. You’re also not tackling up on the invaders on your own either.   Plus knowing that you can watch aliens blow up whether your choice of weapon is a Pistol, SMG, LMG, Sniper Rifle, and last but certainly not least, a Rocket Launcher. Oh darn it, I forgot you even have grenades. We all know how much we love them grenades.

With the maps constantly randomizing, you’re never going to get the same map twice, which in all honesty for some can be frustrating but it can also be the greatest experience too. Knowing that you can conquer whatever challenge is placed before you really makes the replay value of this game worth it in my book. There will always be something new: a new map; new sets of weapons; new objectives. Everything that you would want in a game.

With all of that do I have your attention now? I highly recommend getting this game. Especially if you like the challenge an endless amount of alien slaughtering goodness and a classic feel that kids nowadays have no real knowledge of, that is unless their parents raised them right and showed them where our games came from. We all know that’s how each and every one of you are, right? maybe? Either way, whether you had a 16-bit system or just have the current next generation consoles it doesn’t truly matters. What does matter is that you join with me in giving Cybernate some love and download their game, because it is just that AWESOME!

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