Get Geekified with ConTV!

ConTV is an amazing website with a huge assortment of Horror, Comedy, Anime, Martial Arts, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Cult Classics and even Live Convention Feeds, etc…… This is the Netflix for the uber-geek. I found myself going through their collections for hours, reminiscing about some of the ol’skool shows they had that I had forgotten about.

On Oct. 10th if you can’t be at New York Comic Con, don’t worry, you can see a live feed by ConTV and feel like you’re there, hosted by Tony Kim and Andre Meadows. There will be exclusive interviews with the hottest stars, panel highlights and the best the con floor has to offer! Don’t Miss Out!

And also this month, ConTV welcomes you to your very own virtual Creep Con! You now have 24/7 access to explore all of the features here, like you would at a real comic con event. They have the streaming movie picks schedule (including the live stream and the special guests), ghoulish digital downloads, a scary scavenger hunt, terrifying trivia and great giveaways with their virtual prize wheel and cosplay contest. Get your Halloween costume ready and enter at your own risk! Click on the banner below to get started!




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