“Ghost Stories” semi-autobio graphic novel from Whit Taylor coming Fall 2017!

Ghost Stories is a graphic novel collection offering three hauntings in different forms. Ghosts exist as past selves and remnants of past relationships that are met with inquiry, resolution, and personal rebirth.
Whit Taylor is a cartoonist, writer, and editor from New Jersey. She won a 2012 Glyph Award (Rising Star) for her comic, Watermelon, and received two subsequent nominations in 2013 for her comic, Boxes. Her series,Madtown High, was nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2013 for Outstanding series, and her webcomic, The Fabric of Appropriation, was nominated for Slate’s Cartoonist Studio Prize for best webcomic of the year in 2016.
“This may not be a book about actual ghosts, but that doesn’t mean it won’t keep you up at night.”
–MariNaomi, author/illustrator of Turning Japanese
“Ghost Stories is nostalgically blue, yet undefeated.”
–Christa Cassano, co-illustrator of Ghetto Klown
“Sweet and sad, Ghost Stories feels for anyone missing friendships that helped make the world seem beautiful.”
–Ben Passmore, author/illustrator of Your Black Friend
“Smart, poetic and deeply personal, Whit Taylor’s stories of love and loss sneak up and take hold of you.”
–Sophie Goldstein, author/illustrator of The Oven and House of Women
In addition to self-publishing, her comics have been published by Sparkplug Books (2015 Best American Comics Notable Comic, The Anthropologists), Ninth Art Press, The Nib, Fusion, and others. She has also written for The Comics Journal, Panel Patter, Nat Brut, and Comics Workbook. She currently lives in New York City with her boyfriend and cacti. www.whittaylorcomics.com
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