REVIEW: Goners #1

Story By: Jacob Semahn
Art By: Jorge Corona
Cover By: Jorge Corona

In a world where the mortal co-exists with the mythic, a single family stands of the first line of defense against all the monsters in this new series from Image comics.

Semahn gives this book a very Venture Bros/Jonny Quest type feel from the outset with the family of adventurers setting out to stop evil however; things quickly take a darker tone very fast leaving our main characters stranded and unsure of what to do next. The plot moves along at a nice pace, setting up this new world in a great manner not a lot of its rules are explored but for a first issue there is just enough information to entice the reader. My main issue came with this book came is that of a “seen it before” whilst reading this book everything feels very familiar and the first issue does not break enough new ground to warrant mass attention or be such a great example of the genre that you sit up and take notice, it has the potential to be a really great book but, at the moment it’s a very run of the mill story that plays it very safe without taking too many risks.

It is not as dark a book as the cover would have you believe and that is largely thanks to Carona’s art which has a very cartoonish style that is allows his characters to have a great range of expressions and add just a touch of whimsy to Semahn’s story that gives it a very pulp adventure feel. With vivid colours and great action that really shows Carona’s range as an artist and when reading this book you feel that the world has been fully realised. It feels very lived in, like this is a world that we have always been waiting to explore and never realised it. His character designs for the monsters I thought were fantastic, creatures that are really threatening yet great fun to read.

Overall Goners is a fun book, it sets up the world nicely and Carona’s art throughout the issue is fantastic. However, I feel that there is something missing from making this a truly great book, Semahn sets up an interesting mystery in this first issue and I hope it is enough to see the book through.

By Matt Deery


3 out of 5 Stars

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