Flow State Media Unveils Their Rock Music Title for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Flow State Media, an independent game developer of high-quality mobile, console and VR games, today announce their Kickstarter campaign for Guitar Godz VRGuitar Godz VR represents an evolution of rock music games and allows players to step onstage, in fully immersive VR, and live out their rock star fantasies in front of thousands of adoring fans.

The team behind Guitar Godz VR developed the all-new “Free Camera Mode”, specifically for VR, which allows players to look absolutely anywhere in the environment, while at the same time see the notes that they need to play. With the notes ever-present in the player’s view, players are free to look into the crowd to avoid oncoming beach balls, acknowledge their bandmates onstage, enjoy the laser lightshows, and admire the frenzy of fireworks above.

“We did a lot of visual experimentation to find the right balance of experience and usability,” says Kahn Jekarl, founder and CEO of Flow State Media, “I think we found a great solution so that players can take advantage of being immersed in a VR environment while still having a fun game to play.”

Guitar Godz VR also looks to be the only announced rock music game for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive this year – two of the leading VR platforms, which will allow hundreds of thousands of rock music fans to experience rocking out in VR.

Multiplayer play is also very important to the team so, specifically for the PlayStation VR version of the game, up to two players can play together. One can wear the PlayStation VR headset and play guitar, while a friend can play the bass line watching the TV.

“Other PS VR games have implemented this approach with success, and we know that people love rocking out with friends, so we made it a priority to have multiplayer in our game,” says Jekarl.

Guitar Godz VR also addresses a major pain point for music game players: forced hardware purchases. While players can use many existing guitar controllers to play the game, the team has provided a unique solution; the ability to use the 3D controllers that come with the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

“We fully recognize that no one wants to buy more plastic instruments, so we’ve found an alternative that offers maximum flexibility to players at no additional cost,” says Jekarl.  “One controller holds down the frets, the other controller is used for strumming.  If you’ve ever played ‘air guitar’, you instantly get it.  It’s an absolute blast to play, and extremely visceral and core to the experience of rocking onstage.”

In terms of the song list, specific songs will be announced at a later date, but Flow State Media has its sights on the biggest rock bands from the 60’s, 70’s, up to the modern day.

“If you think of the biggest rock bands from all decades – rock royalty; guitarists known for face-melting solos – those are the types of bands we aim to bring in to Guitar Godz VR,” says Jekarl.

Key Guitar Godz VR Features include:

  • Free Camera Mode: Players are free to look all over the VR environment while still able to see what notes they have to play.
  • Local Multiplayer Play: For PlayStation VR, play guitar in the headset while a friend plays bass on the TV.
  • Maximum Controller Options: Many popular guitar controllers will be supported as well as the 3D controllers for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
  • 40+ Songs from the Biggest Rock Musicians (specific songs to be announced later)
  • Unlockable Songs, Arenas, Characters and Guitar Skins
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels for casual and hardcore music fans
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Releasing Fall 2017

The Guitar Godz VR Kickstarter campaign is taking part in a special One-Week Campaign on the Kickstarter platform and will start today, Tuesday, March 28 until Tuesday, April 4. Flow State Media is setting its sights on a $500k goal, and hope to inspire rock music fans around the globe.

“People will always love music. People will always love music games. And there’s pent-up demand for a great music game experience,” commented Jekarl. “Check Twitch. Check Reddit. These communities are still very much alive and well, so we want to deliver a game that music game fans can fully enjoy. And, as a community-driven fan-fueled genre, we felt Kickstarter was a perfect platform to announce that Guitar Godz VR exists. We hope that the Guitar Godz VR Kickstarter campaign is a rallying cry to all music game fans that says ‘Yes, we’re still here, and our love of rocking out never went away’.”

The Guitar Godz VR Kickstarter campaign featuring gameplay footage is live here:

About Flow State Media

Founded in 2012 and based in Burlingame, California, Flow State Media is an independent developer and publisher of quality mobile, console and VR games. Comprised of industry veterans that have worked on some of the industry’s biggest franchises such as Rock Band, Call of Duty, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock, the team leverages its experience to create highly-polished, accessible games with broad appeal. To date, Flow State Media has amassed over 2 million downloads across several 4.5 Star-rated mobile games such as Word Smart, Letter UP, and Zodiac Brawlers: Gem Puzzler.  Flow State Media is a venture-backed company whose investors include SparkLabs Global and Strong Ventures.

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