Heavy Metal Machines Adds Full Metal Judge as Newest Road Warrior

Launched into closed beta on Windows PC on October 10th, 2016, players of the 4v4 vehicular arena combat game Heavy Metal Machines have already collectively amassed more than 80,000 kills! Developer Hoplon continues to deliver new, exciting ways for players to explode their rivals into a crushing defeat with today’s introduction of a terrifying new character: Full Metal Judge.


Full Metal Judge, also known as “The Red Blight,” is a terror of the post-apocalyptic landscape. After being captured and brainwashed by the Sect of Metal, his sole purpose is to deliver justice by destroying heretics in his own twisted interpretation of redemption. Full Metal Judge crushes his enemies, with the accompaniment of his favored wasteland rock drowning out the lamentation of his victims and the sound of his guns tearing through flesh and steel.


Full Metal Judge’s abilities are ideal for delivering bombs to the enemy base, making him a formidable new character in Heavy Metal Machines’ Transporter class.

His list of unique abilities are no less fearsome:

  • Missile Gun – A flurry of bullets that, upon contact with the enemy, drops healing scraps to keep the Full Metal Judge alive in his pursuit of justice.
  • Blockade Breach – Perfect for charging out of tight crowd control attacks, Blockade Breach is a powerful battering ram type push forward, damaging all opponents unfortunate to find themselves in Full Metal Judge’s path.
  • Iron Storm – Full Metal Judge cranks it up another notch with his ultimate attack, showering the arena with a hail of bullets that instantly destroys any machine unfortunate enough to be within Iron Storm’s range.
  • Relentless Chaser – What doesn’t kill Full Metal Judge, absolutely makes him stronger! The lower his health, the shorter his attack cooldowns.


To learn more about Full Metal Judge in Heavy Metal Machines, check out his character profile page here: www.heavymetalmachines.com/judge. Stay tuned as we introduce the entire cast of playable characters in the coming weeks.

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