HERO CATS YEAR 1 HARDCOVER: Make way for the cutest heroes on the planet!

Move over, Avengers and Justice League! The cutest heroes on the planet have arrived. This hardcover is a great way to share the HERO CATS OF STELLAR CITY at a low price.
Whether you are a lifelong fan of comics or a first time reader, this book is for you!  When it comes to charm and originality, few all ages comics can touch HERO CATS OF STELLAR CITY.  Billions of people love cats! Now they have the Hero Cats to cheer for.
Welcome Ace, Cassie, Belle, Midnight, Rocket & Rocco into your home and they’ll love you forever.
Writer Kyle Putkammer says, My family and I are huge advocates of libraries, comic shops, and children’s book festivals. So when kids say they’ve grown up reading HERO CATS, it’s a big honor.  We set out to provide quality comics for the All Ages market and with this, our first ever hardcover, there is a real sense of accomplishment. We look forward to many more HERO CATS adventures to come.”

HERO CATS OF STELLAR CITY: YEAR ONE HARDCOVER will be available in a comic book store near you on December 6, 2017. Preorder the book using Diamond item code OCT171039.

Writer(s): Kyle Puttkammer
Artist Name(s): Marcus Williams

Cover Artist(s): Marcus Williams
Inks: Ryan Sellers
Colors: Omaka Schultz
Letters: Briana Higgins
192 pgs./ E / FC
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