Indie Spotlight, a new initiative for indie games launches at

A pro-indie project launched on, together with a 2-weeks long promotion on selected indie games, with discounts up to 80% off. (, a global digital distribution store with PC games owned by independent development studio 11 bit studios, is happy to announce its new project oriented towards indie games. Indie Spotlight, an initiative for indie developers and publishers to show their games to gamers around the globe, launches with the support from such indie-loving partners like Indie DB, TechRaptor, Indieformer, Indie Games Poland Foundation and 1ndie World, with more to come in the near future.

The main goals for Indie Spotlight is to provide better visibility for indie games on Games Republic and to promote them more pro-actively all over the internet. These will be achieved by different activities from Games Republic and its partners, like:
  • a dedicated zone on and high visibility on main page to highlight all the great indie games,
  • video and blog content created by Games Republic’s team and its affiliates, including previews, interviews, reports, recommendations and more,
  • sharing news and titbits from indie dev as well as engaging in indie events,
  • helping spread the word about indie games among gaming media all over the globe,
  • providing indie developers with a set of tools for simple and fair cooperation,
  • running contests, giveaways to reach even more gamers,
  • and more.
Being a part of 11 bit studios we’re indies at heart and supporting indie games is a part of our grand strategy” – said Darek Nazim, Managing Director of Games Republic. “With Indie Spotlight we want to give indie developers a great place which they deserve, to showcase and sell their games, as well as a proper promotional push via our own channels and our friends’ & partners’ in the gaming industry.

Also starting from today, Games Republic is running a promotion on selected titles from its robust indie catalogue. The sale starts with some indie gems from 11 bit studios, HeadUp Games and Arcen Games including This War of Mine (-75%), The Anomaly series (up to -80%), Pixel Heroes (-60%), The Last Federation Collection (-75%), and more. The offer will change throught the promotion, with games from Team17, Daedalic, PlayWay, and others. The sale will end on Sunday, July 31.

So all independent developers and publishers in need of more visibility for their games, who want to cooperate on simple and fair rules, and looking for an indie-friendly webstore, should check our section for indie devs with a super-slick presentation, and contact us at [email protected].
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