Indie VR Game Out May 5 Doesn’t Care About Comfort

Computer Lunch is an independent games studio based in New York City. They specialize in character-driven mobile and virtual reality games that are easy to get into but hard to master. Today they proudly present Swing Star VR.  Swing Star VR is a single-button, rope-swinging, simulation game, which lets you soar through colorful, low-polygon worlds. You attach to objects by looking at them, and swing your way to a resonator bell, which warps you to the next level. There are power-ups to help you: Speed up your swing with Turbo YoYo’s,  blast into the sky with Air Cannons, or just relax inside the Jelly Chill-Out Zones. (18) (19) ss_screen_micro_1 ss_screen_micro_3

Story: A silicon valley company’s new product has gone horribly wrong, and has thrown the world’s physics out of whack. But hope is not lost: A mysterious helmet allows our hero to swing through all of the affected dimensions, and set things right by ringing magic resonator bells.

Aim at objects in the world by looking at them: attach the spring-loaded helmet hand to object after object, and swing your way to the bell, which warps you to the next level.

  • Attach to objects by looking at them
  • Swing through vibrant worlds
  • Discover secret levels
  • Blast into the sky with Air Cannons
  • Speed up your swing with Turbo YoYo’s
  • Relax inside Jelly Chill-Out Zones
  • Warp levels via resonator bells



Gameplay Footage:

Platforms Samsung GearVR $2.99 & Oculus Rift $9.99
Company website:

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