iThrive Games Empathy Jam Supporting Empathy-Focused Game Design at DigiPen Institute of Technology Begins on September 15th

The iThrive Games Empathy Jam — a wonderful new event in support of the positive effects interactive video games foster among players of all ages — begins this weekend!

From September 15 – 17, 2017iThrive Games, a nonprofit that aims to facilitate the use of video games to enhance social and emotional skills, and DigiPen at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA will host a 48-hour free digital game jam in support of empathy-focused game design through the creation of prototype digital PC games.

Students, faculty and local game developers in the Greater Seattle area are invited to this event where they will be provided with iThrive Games’ design resources and equipment (computers installed with game design tools Unity 3D and Unreal Engine).

Through video games, players often learn how others see the world, what they care about, and observe how characters struggle with unique challenges unfamiliar to them. Players can learn how their own actions impact those around them and use that knowledge to help others in and outside of the game world. The iThrive Games Empathy Jam supports the creation of more games that encourage empathy, understanding and self-awareness. Notable prototypes and microgames may also be selected to be featured on the iThrive website and/or used for research!

The iThrive Games Empathy Jam begins with an introduction reception at 7 p.m. PDT on Friday, September 15, 2017 at the DigiPen Institute of Technology campus (9931 Willows Road Redmond, WA 98052). A showcase of all of the prototypes created during the game jam and an awards ceremony will be held on the final day, September 17th. Meals and snacks will be served throughout the weekend. Onsite parking is additionally available.

Free registration for the iThrive Games Empathy Jam is available here: Space is limited. Jammers under the age of 18 are welcome with parental participation.

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