It’s Alive! launches Kickstarter to publish THE SILVER METAL LOVER

Drew Ford, known for putting together dozens of archival reprint collections, such as the Eisner Award nominated THE PUMA BLUES by Stephen Murphy & Michael Zulli, and U.S.S. STEVENS: THE COLLECTED STORIES by Sam Glanzman, now runs his own imprint at IDW called IT’S ALIVE!, where he continues his mission of bringing lost and forgotten graphic novels and uncollected comic book runs back into print!  Saving the history of comics one book at a time!
Ford said of his new Kickstarter to publish Tanith Lee’s THE SILVER METAL LOVER graphic novel adaptation by Trina Robbins, “This cult classic science fiction romance is an important early example of ‘the graphic novel’ as a storytelling vehicle, telling an intimate story of a young girl’s first love…who just happens to be a robot! We are very honored to shine a light on the brilliant work of the late Tanith Lee. And we are thrilled to be working on our second book with the legendary Trina Robbins! Also, we must send out a huge THANK YOU to Colleen Doran and Gail Simone for coming along for the ride! We hope you will give it a look, and consider making a pledge.”
Originally published in 1985, it has never been reprinted in any form.  This new edition will have a new cover and afterword by Colleen (A DISTANT SOIL) Doran, a new foreword by Gail (BIRDS OF PREY) Simone, and a new intro by Trina Robbins herself.  All of this will be printed at 8.5″ x 11, full color, on glossy paper, all tucked inside a beautiful hard cover.
Many exciting rewards are being offered, including signed copies of the book, exclusive prints from Colleen Doran, sketches by comic book pros, and even original pages of comic book art by Trina Robbins!
For those interested, you can check out THE SILVER METAL LOVER Kickstarter here:
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