New York Times Bestselling Artist’s Ambitious Debut Original Graphic Novel Approaches Publication

Two weeks ago, John Stanisci launched an exclusive Kickstarter campaign to publish his original science fiction epic, LifeDeath, told in part from the perspective of a teenage female Jewish resistance fighter in the Second World War. Now, as the campaign enters the it’s second half, the graphic novel has reached over 60% of it’s funding goal!

“I am beyond thrilled at the overwhelming response to the launch of my debut graphic novel, Lifedeath! I have been dreaming, planning, DYING to write and draw this book for nearly 20 years (yup, 20 YEARS!!). That’s a long time to hope that this idea running around in my brain will find an audience and I am so happy to see that it has!” says LifeDeath creator, John Stanisci. “A BIG thanks to everyone involved in this project including editor Joseph Navarra, Emmy winning Producer Jared Safier and actor/producer Stelio Savante.  There will be many exciting announcements in the days ahead. In the meantime, enjoy this look into my working process as I show you how I took this daunting double page spread in Lifedeath from pencils to finished colors by Andre May!”

In the year 2211, Dr. Emil Heydrich, a fugitive scientist on Mars, discovers that humans invented the afterlife long before man existed on Earth. The ‘afterlife matrix’ is an ancient computer program, an uploading device to preserve human consciousness. After many millennia, that matrix grew to sentience and now, like anything that lives, the afterlife matrix is dying.

Deke Renner, an elite Martian soldier, is slowly going insane. His mind is being torn apart by his memories of a past life where he was Lucet, a Jewish 14 year-old female resistance fighter in World War II. An ancient evil has entered Deke’s past life as Lucet, in hopes of corrupting his past life soul. If it succeeds, and Deke dies in his current life, he will be erased by the Lifedeath. The story takes place over two timelines: the future year of 2211, and the year 1944, during the Jewish uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. Lifedeath is an action packed thrill ride where the spirit world collides with a future science spiraling out of control.

LifeDeath has added the Emmy-award winning producer Jared Safier, alongside veteran actor/producer Stelio Savante to help the graphic novel find a home as a series and to explore its development as a feature.

LifeDeath will debut as a 140 page graphic novel, written and drawn entirely by Stanisci, and produced through LifeDeath Media LLC, a trademark co-owned with editor Joseph Navarra. The graphic novel is currently available exclusively on Kickstarter, with distribution to its supporters slotted for early 2018. For more information on perks offered, visit the campaign page:

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