KICKSTARTER ALERT: Alter-Life: Issue 3 of 5 (Limited Comic Series)

Lost in a world of seemingly infinite existences, Jake’s past catches up with him as he begins to accept the truth behind his reality.


(As a vote of confidence, and a token of my appreciation to all future fans and backers you can Download Issue 1 for FREE HERE during the campaign! This link will be removed on July 28th)

In issue 1 (36 Pages) you saw a man dealing with his regrets and the shock of a reality he never knew existed.

In Issue 2 (40 Pages) the mystery behind Alter-Life begins to unravel. Jake starts to test the limits of his infinite timelines and remembers more about what happened after the accident. 

Issue 3 (36 Pages) will explore Jake’s past and the mysterious forces that seem to be creating and controlling the world around him. Was the faceless man a friend or foe? Where is Jake’s family? What is Alter-Life?

Find out by kicking in to this kickstarter!




Writer and creator of Alter-Life, ZED, and the webcomic, The Nook (currently on Patreon). A former filmmaker turned comic book creator. Looking to bring unique and exciting stories to the vast world of the independent comic industry.

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A native Californian with an everlasting love for lines and words, she currently works as a gun for hire, wrangling lines for concept art, story-boarding, comics, and book covers.

Warhead, her self published comic, can be found at at; and her other illustrations at

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