KICKSTARTER ALERT: Alter-Life Issue 4 of 5: a Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Comic Series

What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning of infinite possibilities? With Alter-Life, death is just a moment in existence.


You can continue your journey with Issue 4 or start from the beginning by grabbing all 4 issues. If you are new to the series, fret not. We have both digital and physical reward options to catch you up on the story!

These are not your typical 22-26 page comics. Each issue ranges from 32-40 pages. These 4 Issues together are over 140 pages of beautiful artwork by Katrina E. Kunstmann with a story exploring the limits of human consciousness, multiple existences, and life after death. You can catch up on the full series digitally and make your eyes bleed with joy for just $7.00!


As a special treat, and as a show of confidence in the series, you can Read Issue #1 for FREE throughout the campaign. I implore you… give the series a chance. Read Issue 1 and I promise you will want to dive into the rest of the series and help us complete this story.


5 Mini posters of ALL Variant Covers so far, and a few other badass posters including an exclusively designed 8 x 12 signed by Katrina E. Kunstmann. These are all I have left of most of these posters!!


This is a tragic tale of a man named Jake. He is an average guy who has dreams of being a successful writer.  Reeling from the recent loss of both his wife and daughter and ready to give up on his dreams and his existence, Jake decides to take his own life. 

Through this action, he discovers that he cannot die. Again and again he returns and every time he does, the world around him is slightly different…

Issue 4 – The Beginning of the End (spoilerish)

With the mystery revealed, a new perspective will be explored. Jake’s brother, Robert has been searching for him. Longing to tell him the truth about what happened the fateful night of the accident that changed everything. Alter-Life is real, and it is the last hope for Jake to see his family again.

The Issue 4 Variant Cover was created by Josh Siegel of modHERO. I have to admit, I have been a huge fan of his work for a number of years, and I’m super excited to get a chance to have his beautiful artwork grace the pages of Alter-Life.

Check out more of Josh’s amazing artwork at

Want more cool stuff and things? Simply add $5 to your order for each add-on, and be sure to message me with which add-ons you would like. 

  • Mandala 5″ Vinyl Die-Cut Sticker (Additional design options will be revealed later in the campaign!)
  •   Nosferatu/Alter-Life Pinup (Exclusive to this Kickstarter)

This Nosteratu-inspired pinup above was created by my friend and fellow comic book nerd, Jim Terry. He is an amazingly talented Chicago artist, and wanted to contribute something special to the series. Make sure you check out his amazing work at:

  • ZED Issue #1 (24 Pages)
 Print edition of the first issue! ZED is a post-post apocalyptic buddy-roadtrip-zombie-superhero comic series, set in a world recovering from a recent outbreak. (Creative team is Thusat/Kunstmann) Read more about ZED at the Village Comics Website.

Kunstmann Commissions Available!!

There are an extremely limited number of Kunstmann commissions available for backers. 

Backers of the highest tier get ONE digital commisson of the following specs: Full color, soft cell shading or painterly; full background, two characters, or a character and a machine like a car or motorcycle or tank etc. Rendered at 600 dpi, 8×12 inches.

BACK EARLY! You are not charged until the campaign is complete and only if the campaign is successful.   

CHOOSE WISELY. If you want to toss in $100 but you don’t want all of the items in the $100 tier, you can choose any other reward tier that is equal to, or lower than the amount you want to pledge. So, if you really want to help the project, pledge high and choose a lower rewards package!  

CH CH CH CHANGES! you can always change your pledge amount during the campaign. If you backed at $10, but decide you want that Variant cover once it’s revealed, feel free to up your pledge amount and choose your new reward!

We need $5,000 for production, printing, and shipping. $500 was donated via the Village Comics website prior to launch, so our goal is only $4,500!! 

$3,000 – Art (32 page, Full Color/Lettering)  

$1,000-$1,300 – Printing (Issues/Variants/Other Rewards)  

$250 – Shipping/Shipping Materials  

$450 – 10% Kickstarter Fees  

Any additional funding will go directly into production for Issue #5.

Support the project HERE

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