KICKSTARTER ALERT: Closer Issue #1 – Make 100 Edition

By JM Bryan

The first issue of my first comic, with special make/100 backer package.

About this project

Closer is the story of Nathaniel Hopkins and his wife, Marie. After being missing for a year, and presumed dead, Marie returns home to Crescent Valley and to her husband. Nathaniel struggles with her return and the many questions that he has about her disappearance, all while feeling as though something sinister is going on in the world around him. The book is narrated by Nathaniel as he tells his story to Detective Sullivan Carver after confessing to a murder. Told in two 22 page issues, Closer is a mystery/thriller about family, faith, and what we would do to have our deepest desire met.

Write/Editor: J.M. Bryan. This is the writing debut for J.M.

Art: Nenad Cviticanin. Nenad is a Serbian artist who worked on more than 10 comics in 2016. He has been published by companies such as Epicenter Comics, Wonder Comics, and several independent publishers. His detail oriented art style was perfect for the black and white, grounded feel of Closer.

Lettering: Rob Jones. Rob has lettered work for comic publishers such as Markosia, Amigo Comics, Fifth Dimension Comics, Madius Comics, Insane Comics and a plethora of small press and indie comics; notably the successful kickstarter comics of NESS, The Servant, The Magician and The Face and the Hand.


Risks and challenges

As this is my first Kickstarter, I understand that the task can be daunting, especially if there are a lot of backers. In order to avoid a lot of confusion and difficulty, I have decided to go with mainly digital rewards. I’m not going to be printing my comic right away, so the only physical rewards I have are printed pages from my comic, which I already have printed.

I have set the fulfillment date to March of 2017 just in case there are any delays in pages being inked or lettered. So far in production, I have not had any delays and I highly doubt there will be any. The artist and letterer are both highly regarded and great at meeting deadlines.

This Kickstarter is not intended to fund the project, I have already paid for it. Instead, this will go toward the printing of Closer #1 as well as the funding of issue #2.


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