KICKSTARTER ALERT: Gamester – Create Your Own Personalized Games

Imagine a game all about YOU! With Gamester, you can create personalized games starring you or a friend. Make your game today!

I met the developers at Pax East, a great bunch of enthusiastic people that are working hard on a fantastic idea and best of all it’s a family friendly game, support this awesome project HERE, Check out the details below:







You can start playing your game instantly! If you chose for our artist to draw you, it will appear in your game within 1-4 days.



Gamester is a web and mobile service that allows you to make a completely customized game based on any person you know. It’s perfect for kids’ birthdays, an anniversary gift for a gamer, holiday gift for a friend, or even just to make a game about yourself!

You can create a free game that uses a photo of a person’s head as the character’s head similar to JibJab or have our artist draw a custom character in your game for only $29.


Ever want to see what you’d look like as a videogame character? Pledge now and you can!




Early in 2015, my friend Jackie asked me to make a game about her boyfriend for their anniversary. I loved the idea so much but she only had a $50 budget. If I tell that to anyone in the game industry, they laugh and say it’s impossible. I wasn’t going to give up that easy, so I decided to make an indie game that had them as the main characters for free.


The game is entirely based about them. The art is all custom-drawn by an artist to look exactly like them, all the enemies are based on their favorite animals, the music is a track Jackie selected, the menu colors are their favorite colors, and Jackie helped design the intro story and gameplay. We made the game as much about them as a couple as we possibly could, and on their anniversary, Jackie showed Patrick the game. He LOVED it. He sat there and played through the whole game in 2 hours. Both of them couldn’t thank us enough for the amazing unique gift and the enjoyment it brought them.

After I started to promote it a bit there was an overwhelming demand of personalized games from my friends and family. Everyone wanted to be the hero in a game or make one for a gamer they care about. I quickly realized this thing was going to be bigger than just one free game for a friend; I could really use my skills to bring couples, families, and friends closer together with this new way personalized gift. I’ve spent the past 14 months developing an automated system that simplifies game development to a point that anyone can make their own game in a few minutes!


We’ve had 10 games created as pre-pre-orders this past Christmas and every single one of them loved it. We’ve gotten comments such as “This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten!” to “omg is this really a game about me?? It looks so much like me!”




Action Platformer:








– Many more to come if we get funded!



– Many more to come if we get funded! –



– Many more to come if we get funded! –



– Many more to come if we get funded! –



– Many more to come if we get funded! –



$5 – BE IN A GAME! You’ll be one of the first people to be able to use the Gamester app o create a game all about yourself or someone you know! Donating any amount higher than this also gets you this perk!


$15 – PORTRAIT! Just curious to see what you would look like as a drawn character in a game? Our artist will draw your portrait in either pixel art or cartoon style. (Makes a great profile pic or avatar)


$29 – DRAWN CHARACTER IN A GAME: Our artist will draw you as a character in a game. Just send us a couple of close up face photos and pick to be drawn in pixel art or cartoon style.


$54 – DRAWN IN GAME + POSTER: Our artist will draw you in a game AND you get a custom poster to promote YOUR game!


$54 – T-SHIRT: Get drawn in a game and a custom T-Shirt promoting YOUR game!


$80 – BUNDLE: Triple combo! Get drawn in a game, AND a custom poster and T-Shirt to promote it!


$200 JUNIOR DESIGNER: You design the app! Tell us what collectible, enemy, character, or setting you’d like to see in the app and we’ll make it happen!


$500 – GAME DESIGNER: Really want to feel like part of the team? Chat with us and help us decide on what Game Types we’ll add in! (Limited to 5)


$1,000 – PRODUCER: Thank you for being a big part in our funding! Our team will chat with you and make the custom assets you’d want for personalized game entirely based on you or someone you know! (Limited to 3)

We’ve added some other perks since going live! Check out the side bar to see all options.


If we happen to make more than the amount we’re looking for, we have tons of extra features we can add in! These include more options for each part of the game, more aspects of the game to customized including a level editor, and supporting more platforms (Steam, web, and more)! We’ll post more about it in this section when we get closer to being fully funded!



Giant Fox Studios is a 4 year old indie web and mobile game studio with over 160 published games. Several of our apps have been within the top 10 on the iOS App Store and a few of our web games have over 20 million plays. We are very experienced in game development and committed to making amazing products for the most affordable price. You can check out more details about us at

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Thank you for your time and donations. We can’t wait to make your game!


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