Geekery Magazine: The Enthusiast’s Guide to Indie Fandom!

Geekery Magazine is a 60 page, full color magazine covering everything from Indie Comics and Games to Cosplay, Toys and More!

Hey Guys!

My name is Garrett Gunn. I’m the writer and creator of such titles as The Fear Diaries: Rise of The Dark Mistress, Days to Come, Go West, and the upcoming titles Beardzilla and Battle Baby! I’m here to talk to you all about my latest project, Geekery Magazine!


I’ve spent the last two years pushing and shoving my way into the independent comics business. What I found when I finally got in is that my true passion in this industry is the people. I have met some of the most kind, generous, and talented individuals through my work in comics. That’s why I decided to get into the magazine business.

Like most geeky folks my age, I grew up reading things like Wizard Magazine. I waited impatiently every month by the mailbox to get my latest glimpse into the world of comics. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a similar product in almost a decade.

We are going to fix that.


Now, most people would say, “A MAGAZINE?! Are you CRAZY?! Everyone knows that magazines are one of the riskiest and most difficult products to blah blah blah”. And you know what? We. Don’t. Care. Like most people associated with Geekery Magazine, I had at least a hundred people tell me the same thing when I started out in comics, and you know what? I’ve sold thousands of copies of my books in less than two years. But similar to the comics I’ve created, I couldn’t have done it without the support of Kickstarter. That’s where YOU come in.

With your help, we will be setting out to bring our readers the latest in independent Comics, Games, Cosplay, and Toys. Geekery Magazine will be a 60 page full-color publication spearheaded by some of the most talented individuals in the industry. While we will primarily focus on independent comics and games, each issue will also highlight amateur cosplayers, spotlight independent creators, and feature celebrity guests.

Now, when I set out to make this magazine, I knew that I couldn’t do it by myself. So I looked for potential partners who could help make this the best possible product and after weeks and weeks of searching, I decided on Comic Crusaders.


If you haven’t heard of Comic Crusaders, shame on you, but I’ll forgive you this one time. Comic Crusaders was created 10 years ago when the founder, Al Mega, had an idea that morphed from your typical local comic shop into something very different. Today Comic Crusaders is a respected comic news site showing love to all corners of the comic book universe! They have built a community of fans and contributors that keep everyone up to date on the latest in all things comic pop culture. They offer gossip free news, honest reviews, interviews with today’s and yester-year’s top talent and everything in between!

Below you will find some of the talented individuals who will play an integral role in Geekery Magazine.

Dave Cook – Dave Cook has been a game journalist for over ten years and has won three Games Media Awards for his work. He has written for Vice, Buzzfeed, VG247, GamesTM and Retro Gamer, and is founder of comic production team Card Shark Comics.

Russell Nohelty – Russell Nohelty is a writer, creator, and publisher. He runs Wannabe Press, a small press dedicated to making weird books for weird people, and hosts The Business of Art podcast, which helps creatives build better businesses. He’s written and created the Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Katrina Hates the Dead, and Gherkin Boy and the Dollar of Destiny graphic novels. He’s also written the Spaceship Broken, Needs Repairs, My Father Didn’t Kill Himself, and Gumshoes: The Case of Madison’s Father novels. Russell is extremely excited to be working in the world of geekery, which has always been his passion.

Anthony Zicari – Anthony Zicari is a professional freelance writer and editor. He began his professional writing career in 1998. He has written and edited for a wide variety of companies, comic books, magazines, online web sites and other publications over the past eighteen years including Dark Horse Comics, Antarctic Press, London Night Studios, Narwain Publishing, Marvel Comics, Legendary Press, and Inkwerk Studios to name a few. He is also the Editor-In-Chief of Inkwerks Studios

Frank Martin – Frank Martin is a prose and comic writer that always enjoys exploring new genres and mediums. He has an urban fantasy anthology series Modern Testament currently being published and his debut horror novel Skin Deep/Ordinary Monsters was also recently released with Burning Willow Press. Frank lives in New York with his wife and two kids.

Anthony Maynard – Anthony Maynard is a nerd critic with a huge background of varied interests, and lots of different experiences within the “geek” community. He also manages the largest game store in Minnesota; Level Up Games. and I’ve been collecting toys since before I knew my collecting was a hobby. As a HUGE collector of rare and valuable toys, Anthony will bring his expertise, thoughts, and knowledge to everything he reviews. Whether you just want to play with cool things or hunt down that high dollar unicorn, he is willing and able to provide the info you need to succeed.

Al Mega – Al Mega is the CEO/EIC of Comic Crusaders and Undercover Capes Podcast Network. He’s been reading and collecting comics since he was 8 years old. He is currently heavily into indie/creator owned/small press titles!

The secret to a great magazine is it’s features, and we have loads of them! Sections range from one to six pages and include the most exclusive and original content we can find! Some of the greatest ones are as follows:

Indie Spotlight, The Future Frontier, Play Things, Dream Cast, Face Off, Previews and Reviews, and Gamers Unite!


We have already signed some awesome guests for our first issue! From The Comic Book Men to Marvel Comics artist Cory Hamscher and DOOM creator John Romero!

Geekery Magazine will debut in June, 2017 across multiple mediums. We will release a digital version via Comixology for those of you who like to save shelf space. Additionally, we will do a print version of the magazine. We will begin as a bi-annual publication with the first two issues being In June 2017, and December 2017, and then will make the transition to quarterly in 2018.

We have about 15 comic shops that have already signed on to be flagship locations for the magazine and we have our sights set on another 25 across the US and UK.

Now, let’s talk STRETCH GOALS!  

Everyone loves to get free stuff, and that’s exactly what is going to happen if we exceed our goal! We have set aside some really awesome rewards if such a need should arise. We don’t want to give too many of them away just yet (I know, the suspense is KILLING you!) but we will share one. Should we meet and exceed our goal by at least $1000, every person who backs at the physical copy tier and above will receive the inaugural Geekery Magazine Commemorative Coin. It will be a nickel plated 2.5″ coin to celebrate our release in June! Cool, right?!

We really hope that you like what you see and that you decide to support us in our crazy endeavor to create the greatest geek and pop culture publication on the face of the earth!

Thank you.

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Risks and challenges

The only complication we may face is production of the actual book when it goes to print. While we will be using a well established comic book printing company, we realize we must be ready for the unexpected. In the event that there is a delay, we will rush to get the book to the public as soon as possible. Everyone involved with this project is extremely talented and has copious amounts of experience with this kind of thing. No matter what, this is happening. Even if we have to print and staple the books ourselves.

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