Queen Karma has been kidnapped! King has been cursed! If they don’t touch each other again in the following 100 pages, the universe as they know it disappears. With the fate of the universe on their shoulders, follow the mind-bending misadventures of King, Uniggorn and F46607 to the craziest and sickest corners of the galaxy on their way to save King’s love.”

The Kickstarter page for the “King King” adult graphic novel was launched today to help the team of more than 30 comic creators make this crazy ride a reality. Two years ago, what started as an ambitious dream for King King‟s writer and creator José Hingá is turning into a promising 132 page fully-fledged graphic novel if it hits its £36,000 crowd funding goal. What may sound as a hefty bill is immediately justified by the rewards showcased on the Kickstarter‟s page and firmly underlined by a line-up of artists with sounding names like Ubisoft, Marvel and Blizzard under their belts.

José Hingá – Derek Dow – Ricardo Tercio – Bruno Oliveira – Daniel Nikoi Djanie – David Noren – Emanuele Arnaldi – Eric Pfeiffer – Even Amundsen – Hicham Habchi – Igor Wolski – Ivan Shavrin – Jason Nguyen – Jonatan Cantero – Luis Figueiredo – Marek Jarocki – Mike Redman – Nikolai Lockertsen – Noel Rodriguez – Oriol Hernández – Philippe Lozinski – Radit Juli – Robert Sammelin – Rudy Siswanto – Sebastian Piriz – Shanen Pae – Tan ZhiHui – The Duke Of Flies – Timofey Stepanov – Tristan Brard – Vincent Nghiem – Wesley Lin

A visual anthology, King King promises to defy the cookie cutter regime of the actuality by delivering an insane rock „n‟ roll tour-like interdimensional adventure that changes its visual style every four pages. Resembling a relay race, where members of the team take turns illustrating the story only passing the spotlight at the end of each chapter. A spotlight that the team intends to share with a „character design challenge‟ initiative that is currently displayed on the Kickstarter‟s page, defying both backers and art enthusiasts to design one of the book‟s main characters. A true fighter that can’t control her own size, Alice is a white-haired stubborn little girl that is always carrying a sketchbook in which she draws things that are said to foretell future events.

Offering well thought rewards and promoting a transparent campaign with a private blog set to give timely updates on the development of the project. More than a common graphic novel and with two years of time and effort being put into pre-production, the King King team looks ready to satiate every reader‟s thirst for „the behind the scenes‟ side of it, wanting every backer to tag along with the crew. From being an actual character of the universe to being God! The project appears to look like a rollercoaster of content ready to be enjoyed.

King King is on Kickstarter until 12 May 2017, seeking a target of £36,000. To find out more, you can find the project here! –  graphic-novel

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