Long long ago, humanity stood on two legs and looked up at the night sky. As we gazed and created pictures from the stars, legends were born that guided us through our lives. Now, tens of thousands of years later, the energies invested in the cosmic circle have become formidable, and accessible to those whose consciousness is capable of receiving and manipulating them.

This is the epic tale of the NEW ZODIAX.

NEW ZODIAX Vol. 1, the trade paperback collecting issues 1 thru 4, SOLD OUT! NEW ZODIAX is the tale of 12 characters who can channel the cosmic energies of the zodiac. Each of the first four issues is a FIRST appearance of one of the cast members, and an instant collector’s item!

This KICKSTARTER campaign is aimed at funding the printing costs of the NEW ZODIAX Volume 1 NEW EDITION, which introduces you, the reader, to the New AQUARIUS, the New PISCES, the New LEO and the New SAGITTARIUS. This is a shared epic; the NEW ZODIAX characters will interact with one another in future storylines. Decisions one character has made will affect the life of another. The seeds have already been planted in the first volume to introduce 2 new members of the cast! Take advantage of this opportunity to jump onboard a brand new, dense and accessible universe!

In addition, the TPB includes 20 pages of unseen art and story, development sketches and other goodies.

EACH copy of the NEW ZODIAX NEW EDITION will be SIGNED and REMARKED with a head sketch by me, JOE ST.PIERRE, the creator, in this EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter offer.

Here are the first FOUR single issue comics, along with their variant covers:

NEW ZODIAX issue #1 was a SELLOUT at the distribution level; subsequent issues are difficult to find, especially the variants. In many cases there are less than 400 variants printed of each. The first printing of the NEW ZODIAX TPB has also sold out.

Several A-List comics creators contributed to the NEW ZODIAX as well: Sandu Florea (BATMAN, DEATHSTROKE), Jay Leisten (SECRET EMPIRE, DEATH OF WOLVERINE, X-MEN), Joe Sinnott (FANTASTIC FOUR, THOR), Ernie Colon (CASPER, DAMAGE CONTROL), Joe Rubenstein (WOLVERINE, CAPTAIN AMERICA), Steve Firchow (Grant Morrison’s X-MEN, TOP COW), Laura Martin (WONDER WOMAN, BLACK PANTHER), Kirk Jarvinen (AQUAMAN), and Fred Hembeck (HOUSE OF HEM).

Stretch goal collaborators include Rob Hunter (Justice League, Green Lantern), Lovern Kindzierski (BATMAN/ELMER FUDD, NEIL GAIMAN’s AMERICAN GODS, CORALINE, GRAVEYARD BOOK), and comics icon David Michelinie (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, IRON MAN, creator of VENOM)! I am humbled by their generosity, and hope you will appreciate their hard work as much as I do by donating to this campaign.

Original art from the NEW ZODIAX is also available, as well as commissioned drawings. Here are some of the pages for sale:

Plus we’ve got TEE SHIRTS this time around!

Thanks for your participation in the NEW ZODIAX TRADE PAPERBACK Kickstarter. Please help Spread The New Z by sharing it with your social network.

See ya–Joe

I have already begun working on new material for the NEW ZODIAX. Wouldn’t it be great to add some of it to this project? Some of the best creators in comics have agreed to be a part of this NEW ZODIAX epic. Check out these stretch goals.

Risks and challenges

The first printing of the NEW ZODIAX Graphic Novel was successfully funded thru Kickstarter, and all the publishing and shipping dates were met. Risks for the NEW ZODIAX NEW EDITION are minimal, as the materials are 100% completed and ready to go to press! There are some very special stretch goal options planned that have yet to be completed, but if the goals are met quickly enough there should be no problem meeting a December 2017 release date. Most of the other incentives will be available for December as well. What a great holiday gift you could send to your fellow comics lover;) Order with confidence.

Support New Zodiax HERE

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