KICKSTARTER ALERT: NOIR INC. – Premium Illustrated Apparel

An artist’s illustrated apparel line of minimal graphic basics. C/O @vincent_nappi




The NOIR INC. customer loves making a subtle statement, and so each piece is designed to be eminently wearable, the monochromatic palette ensuring that every shirt slots effortlessly into your everyday wardrobe, while the variety of cuts allows for you to confidently step forward into any occasion. Casual, formal, day or night, NOIR INC. has got you covered.

The first collection of NOIR INC. will consist of five different designs printed across four different cuts. There will be a scoop neck tee, two crew neck models, an on trend muscle tee as well as a tank top. All white stock will be used and each design will be a single color black screenprint for a beautiful, soft feeling vintage look. The sample lookbook for this collection shows the possible range for just one of these cuts, and with this Kickstarter we will be taking pre-orders for three of the five designs.

Each tee is crafted from superior ringspun, combed cotton, has a beautiful unisex fit and will come in sizes S-M-L. Size up for a boxy, current fit, or order your usual size.





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  • BLACK & WHITE, Vincent Nappi’s 56 pg. book of fashion illustrations. (digital & physical formats available)
  • THE BORDELLO: SUCKER’S GAME, the premiere 112 pg. graphic novel that sparked it all. (digital & physical formats available)
  • STUDS & STRIPES, a 45 min. digital demo showcasing Vincent Nappi’s working methods. Watch as he takes you from reference to final drawing in real time, showcasing his materials and thought process. If you’ve ever wanted to know how he works his magic, now is your chance.
  • COMMISSIONS, offered at 9×12 or 12×18 inches. Limited slots available, subject matter within reason.
  • NOIR INC. PRE-ORDERS, for three of the final five designs. PUNK, MOTOBABE & DAWG.



“THE BORDELLO is the story of ENZO VEGA, a part time male escort busy being a full time low life, currently selling skin in the city of sin. SUCKER’S GAME shows us how he got started…

To read more, check out the link below!


The funds raised through this Kickstarter will ensure that this first collection can be sourced from premium quality blanks, printed accurately and quickly and shipped in a timely fashion. A fully secured, optimized and beautifully designed Squarespace web shop will be set up at the address. We’ve calculated our budget as carefully as possible to take into account every foreseeable expense raised via this Kickstarter and we’re very excited to start placing orders and begin production.


PHOTOGRAPHY C/O @cristilopez7 (


@danica.jokic (

@vincent_nappi (

NOTE- Sample scoop neck ‘PUNK’ tee shown in lookbook is a size L. Models shown usually wear a size S. Follow @noir_inc to see more shots from the sample look book.

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Get a taste of Vincent’s working methods in the free demonstration below.

Support the project here

Risks and challenges

NOIR INC. is a new brand, confident and enthusiastic.

We’ve done our homework and we’re positive that any hiccups along the road to launch can be easily overcome. However, as with any new endeavor, there are always unforeseen circumstances which can and do pop up. The target funding for this first collection ensures that the core mechanisms (sourcing, printing, labor, shipping & web costs) of NOIR INC. are up to snuff while allowing for any minor snags.

The only variable outside of our control lies in the sourcing, printing and shipping timelines, but we will be working closely with our blank supplier, screenprinter and seamstress to make sure that production runs smoothly. Any and all significant issues will be reported to our backers.

For the purposes of this campaign, we’ve also decided to exclude international shipping. Once NOIR INC. is up and running, this decision will change, but as a small brand, we feel it’s unfair to charge the ridiculous costs of international shipping to our customers along with the headaches of customs, import fees, and all the special complications that come from shipping merchandise overseas. We will be thrilled once this brand’s infrastructure and capital is more established and we can give this issue the attention it deserves, but for the sake of simplicity and cost, our international backers must be content with the exclusive digital content offered here.

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