KICKSTARTER ALERT: Robots vs. Princesses

From writer Todd Matthy and artist Nicolas Chapuis comes Robots vs. Princesses. It begins with Princess Zara looking for a dragon. Instead she finds Wheeler the robot. Together, they must stop a robot invasion.

Robots vs Princesses is an all ages comic book that will appeal to fans of Disney Princesses and Transformers. Our hope is that this comic will help put an end to arguments between brothers and sisters.

We’ve taken to Kickstarter to fund the project. We’re looking to raise enough money to fund the first issue and our rewards. Anything extra will go toward funding more issues.

Robots vs. Princesses has received the endorsement of creators like Mark Waid who said, “Finding this comic was a delightful surprise. Don’t hesitate to back it. You won’t be sorry” along with V For Vendetta artist David Lloyd who called it “Fantastic fantasy from a promising newcomer.” Other endorsements include:

“Fabulous and entertaining” –Ron Friedman (Writer: Transformers: The Movie)

“Many little girls and boys grow up playing with Transformers as their Ken dolls playing house with Barbie, and with Barbies as savage heroines stomping tiny army men under their (fashionable) heels. This comic has promise to have the same sort of genre bending and mixing that is at the heart of child’s play!”- Hope Nicholson (Secret Lives of Geek Girls)

Robots vs. Princesses is a breath of fresh air! Aside from its winning concept, it features a tight, carefully-constructed plot and a charming cast of characters. The action keeps things exciting while staying true to its younger audience. Best of all, the story carries an authentic message about the power of friendship. With stories like this in the comics market, everyone wins.”-Nicole Boose (Editor: Millarworld: Jupiter’s Legacy, Chrononauts, Starlight)

Robots vs. Princesses is a love song to all of my childhood favorites. Todd Matthy manages to conjure up the warm nostalgia of Saturday Mornings gone by, while still pushing in exciting new directions. This blast from the past is a blast from start to finish!”- Marc Sumerak (Writer: Power Pack, Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius. Editor: Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Agent X)

Robots vs. Princesses is a fun and promising series. I love the twist on fairy tale tropes, and the art is top-notch!”- Kristen Gudsnuk (Writer/Artist: Henchgirl)

To learn more about the characters and world of Robots vs. Princesses and our FAN ART contest please check out our website.

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