KICKSTARTER ALERT: The Chronicles of The Few and Cursed


Felipe Cagno is at it again! This is the Kickstarter campaign to print a brand new book in The Few and Cursed saga – this time an anthology by a team of top comic book creators.

(Previous comics and the critically acclaimed anthology series 321: Fast Comics featuring Red’s first appearance are available too!)


It’s a creator-owned comic book series about people trying to survive a world where most of the water on the planet disappeared in a mysterious apocalyptic event.

Because it all happened in 1840, the few survivors left have been stuck in this Old West setting for the last seventy years.

She is a Curse Chaser. After the world ended, the doors to the supernatural have opened and it’s up to Red to balance the scale.


Yep, that’s right. Monsters, legends, demons, folklore, etc. The supernatural. We’ve introduced Red and a couple of curses in the original comics The Crows of Mana’Olana, a six-part mini-series that had the first three issues crowdfunded right here on Kickstarter.

Now it’s time to go beyond the Redhead and her adventures to explore this post-apocalyptic universe and a few other curses and characters.

As much as we all love Red, this book is all about introducing new characters and new places.

The Chronicles will further develop some characters from The Crows of Mana’Olana as much as it will introduce new players.

Here’s a complete list of the seven stories:

Exodus – We visit Persia to see the fall of Kermanshah – Jewel of the Rub’ Al Khali Gulf – to a terrible and ancient demon. This story introduces a bit of Persian mythology in a revamped way.

From the Ashes – A sequel to the previous story: we follow the Persian Ruler in an exciting escape from his homeland. The whole story is an non-stop chase sequence.

The Great Robbery – Jebediah Younger is a main character in The Crows of Mana’Olana at the age of 94. Fifty years before though he was a train robber until his latest heist went terribly wrong.

The Eye of Horus – The only story featuring the Redhead. We tag along for a new adventure in Egypt as she battles a cult deep in a tomb for the Eye of Horus.

Scarlet Dream – His greatest dream was to find the Fountain of Youth and live forever. But some dreams can turn into curses… a pirate story featuring a major future character named Captain Bartholomew Eamus.

Street Rat – In a shark cemetery in the Australian Outback, a young girl must leave innocence behind and fight for her own life.

No Cheating – Meet Alistair Fairweather, a quick-draw cowboy who just won’t accept any cheating.

The Chronicles are the perfect entry point into the series. There is no need for prior reading, every story has it’s own beginning, middle and end. And although we do setup a lot of characters and challenges that will be part of the main series, you can just pick up this book and enjoy it!

Come on up and discover a whole new world that blends together Western, Fiction, Supernatural and lots of adventures.

And if you are interested in getting issues 1 thru 3 of The Crows of Mana’Olana mini-series, all of the books are available right here separately or in bundles and you can check out some of the interior art from Fabiano Neves, Dinei Ribeiro, Ivan Nunes, Marcio Menyz and Tiago Barsa.

You can Learn More about this awesome kickstarter by clicking HERE

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