KICKSTARTER ALERT: The Derogatory Tales of Franklin and Ghost Vol. 1

By Garrett Gunn

Hey Guys!

My name is Garrett Gunn. I’m a freelance writer and the creator of such properties as The Fear Diaries: Rise of The Dark Mistress and Go West. I’m here to talk to you about my newest book; The Derogatory Tales of Franklin and Ghost.

The Derogatory Tales of Franklin and Ghost is the story of a fox. Well, he isn’t REALLY a fox. He’s an alien. I mean, he IS a fox technically, but only on the outside.



In a last ditch effort to see more of the universe before accepting their inevitably boring lives as miners on their home planet Defilion, Franklin and Ghost steal a ship and head out for one last adventure.

Interior Art by Nicolas Touris
Interior Art by Nicolas Touris

When they accidentally crash to Earth, they seek shelter in the bodies of a couple unsuspecting hosts. Hell bent on having a good time, Franklin and Ghost team up for the rage-filled quest of a lifetime. But if they aren’t careful, they may leave a bloody trail of bread crumbs easily followed by those who would seek to destroy them for disobeying interplanetary protocol.

Interior Art by Nicolas Touris
Interior Art by Nicolas Touris

**The book is 100% complete and ready to go to the printer upon funding!**

Art Team

When I thought about who I wanted to illustrate this series, the list of artists was VERY short. I knew that I wanted to go in a specific direction and that I wanted the book to be both ridiculous, inappropriate and graphic.

So I called, Nic.

Interior Art by Nicolas Touris
Interior Art by Nicolas Touris

For those of you who don’t know of Nicolas Touris, he is most likely one of the most creative and insanely talented people in independent comics. He has drawn a handful of amazing titles (including three of my own) and continues to impress not only myself but other creators and readers around the world.

Equally as fantastic as Nic is our letterer; Rob Cannon. As one half of the publishing team at Rats and Crows, Rob is first and foremost a creator. He has his own titles which he writes, draws, letters and edits and he still finds time to help other creators push their properties.

Lastly, but DEFINITELY not least, is our cover artist; Marcelo Trom. I knew of Marcelo’s work from the amazing stuff he has done on books for other publishers. I remember seeing one of his covers on a book at my LCS and thought he would be an amazing fit as our cover artist. I figured he would be too busy for us but low and behold he made time to do not one, but THREE covers and a bunch of other rewards for backers.

A HUGE thanks to Angela Fullard for doing the super awesome painting of Franklin and Ghost seen above! Prints are available in certain reward tiers.

The book will be published by Rats and Crows Publishing and will be a 44-page book containing the first story arc, plus concept art, pinups, etc.

As someone who has done this a couple times, I am more confident than ever that we have established a team of professionals who are dedicated to bringing you the most incredible and entertaining work we can. I hope you will support our project and look forward to sharing this story with the world.

Interior Art by Nicolas Touris
Interior Art by Nicolas Touris

 Stretch Goals!

If we should exceed our goal, we have some awesome stretch goal rewards lined up! Here are a few of them:

$3k – Custom Franklin and Ghost Buttons for all backers with a physical copy!

$3.5k – Kickstarter Exclusive Throwback Print for all backers of a physical copy. Art by Darryl Young

$4k – One-of-a-kind sketch cards for backers of a physical copy. Artist TBD.

$4.5k – Franklin and Ghost enamel pins!

Risks and challenges

Contrary to projects I have done in the past, this book is completely done. I made sure that before we brought it to the public that we had all the art, letters, and pre-production complete so that we could get the book to everyone ASAP after the campaign concludes.

Of course, as much as we have planned, planned, and planned some more, anything could happen. We hope that it doesn’t, but if any issues should arise, we will handle them appropriately and diligently.


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