SNAPSHOT REVIEW: Wretches #1 (Kickstarter)

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you Wretches by James E. Roche (creator) with art by Salomon Farias and Chunlin Zhao.


James E. Roche exposes readers to a world unlike our own, humans live among aliens and robots!

The opening page everything looks quiet and peaceful… until Bam! A chase begins… a young female tries valiantly to outrun her pursuer and she is assisted by her brother! There is an element sibling rivalry in this story between Shea and Sean is fun to watch.. it is touched on that they’ve had a tough past, their love for each other and competitiveness brings warmth to their character.

The art is a welcoming distraction; it is very clean throughout the book and especially background panels to reflect on the titular characters’ origin stories is a masterpiece. Farias and Zhao are amazing; I admire how the colors can drastically change the mood from panel-to-panel. One panel will include warm colors and smooth toning and the next will include intense shading with dark colors to give it a gritty look.


There is a lot to look at here, I read this over and over.. most of all I am glued to the personalities of Shea and Sean, the action brings excitement and the smooth art tops it off! Overall feels like Star Wars meets Mad Max and if you enjoy Science Fiction stories then do ya’self a favor and check this out!

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