KID SHERLOCK VOLUME 1: A Sherlock Holmes story for all ages to enjoy

KID SHERLOCK is an all-ages mystery series that combines the classic friendship of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson with the whimsy and adventure found in classics like Calvin and Hobbies and Peabody and Sherman.
The series follows the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his best friend, Watson the Dog, set in the halls of Baker Elementary. Together they deal with bullies, track down lost toys, investigate stolen playground equipment and even face an unseen threat terrorizing the school halls. All the while Watson struggles to make friends and Sherlock tries to understand his place at Baker Elementary. Included as well are interactive pages that will help fans, young and old alike, learn to make their own comic books and hone their investigate minds with puzzles and activities.
KID SHERLOCK VOLUME 1 will be available in a comic book store near you on October 18. Preorder the book using the Diamond item code AUG171066.
Writer(s): Justin Phillips
Artist Name(s): Sean Miller (Pencils), Lesley Atlansky (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Sean Miller 
128 pgs./ E / FC
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