Last Day to Get Two Free Sequart Books when you pitch in to “The Synthetics” Kickstarter!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Martian Lit to offer two free Sequart books as PDF downloads for anyone pledging to the Kickstarter for The Synthetics #1, a crazy comic about a robot revolution on Mars. Today is the last day to secure your two free Sequart books with any pledge to the campaign!

The first free book is Classics on Infinite Earths, a 428-page magnum opus by Julian Darius that analyzes and walks through Justice League history and DC’s company-wide crossovers. The second free book is Darius’s When Manga Came to America, a study of Mai, the Psychic Girl. Both downloads will be given to anyone pledging (on any level) before the end of today (Tuesday, 23 January, Central U.S. time). We’ll still give out the Mai book to anyone pledging in the next week (before the end of Tuesday, 30 January, Central U.S. time).

The Kickstarter itself is for The Synthetics #1, featuring three stories of robots killing each other, killing Martians, and building a robot god. It’s available both in digital and in a limited print edition, made just for this Kickstarter.

In addition to the two free books, if the campaign reaches $1700 (it’s already pretty close), everyone pledging at any level will also receive a free digital download of the documentary film Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods. This critically acclaimed feature-length film, released in 2010, features extensive interviews with Grant Morrison and studies both his life and his comics career. Directed by Patrick Meaney, the movie is a coproduction of Sequart Organization and Respect Films.

And if the campaign reaches $2200, everyone pledging will receive a digital copy of Martian Comics #12. This anniversary issue contains three stories, including one about dinosaurs on Mars! The issue has a cover by artist Jason Muhr and colorist Andrei Tabacaru, the artistic team behind the indy hit Voracious.

Check it out, including a ton of cool art, on Kickstarter here. And make a pledge today to lock in your two free Sequart books!

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