Lesbian Zombies Motion Comic Chapters 1 & 2 posted on YouTube!

Just wanted to let all of you Lesbian Zombies fans know that Issues 1 & 2 of the comic series are now available on YouTube as a motion comic. The public version has the nudity censored, but the story really comes to life with the voice actors and sound effects.

And in case you missed Issue #1:

Download Volume 1 of the digital book here: https://gumroad.com/products/mRZu Live on Comixology: https://www.comixology.com/Lesbian-Zo…
Written, Edited, and Created by: Jave Galt-Miller Art by: Wayne A. Brown

Ace Johnson – Jave Galt-Miller
Gwen Moffett – Katabelle Captain Hammer/Mr. Bennell/Narrator – Liquid Lettuce
Mr. Hagerty – Jazz Walker
Ellis – Iggy Kidd
Bi-Curious Chick – Melissa Rochelle
Mr. Johnson – Michael Cobian
Mrs. Johnson – R.M. Quinn
Detective Kearnes – Kyle Lam
Armless Cop – Spencer Valenzuela
Lesbian Zombie – Kristen Forbes
Ticket Cop – Armando Gonzales


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