For this week’s Lightning Review, I’m going to keep things short and sweet for three reasons:
1. I was forced out of my home by my wife’s grandmother. Very time consuming and frustrating, but since it’s her house we’ve been living in, we really can’t object…
2.Friday,I attended Indiana Comic Con, which I may write an article on if I find the time. I got to meet Chris Claremont (checked off my bucket list), Jessica Nigri, Lisa Lou Who, and Mark Waid. Pretty fun time!
3.I’ve noticed that my Lightning reviews tend to still run about a paragraph each. I guess brevity isn’t my strong suit so I’m going to give it a go.
I’m going to restrain myself to three sentences each book, and since I didn’t hear any dissent on the Pass/Pull rating system, so I’m going to stick with it. Enjoy!
PULL LIST (from my personal collection)
Faith #4 (of 4)- PULL! So, I may be the unpopular opinion, but after reading this whole mini-series without any Valiant or Harbinger experience, I feel like Faith belongs on a team book rather than a solo title and that making this an ongoing series is unnecessary. The reason I liked this issue is because she drops the solo act (and even references that, which I appreciated) by working with a group of like-minded super-types. The writing and art are both good, and the character is one I thoroughly enjoy, but Faith’s geeky happy personality works best when balanced by teammates, IMHO. (Some would say the same for my man Nightcrawler, and as much as it pains me, I can’t disagree…)
Spidey #5- PASS! The beauty of this title is that the single-issue stories allow for a pick and choose mentality, and unfortunately, this one missed the mark for me. Spider-Man versus The Green Goblin is a classic feud and, while this captures much of what defines their rivalry, I fell like the art doesn’t do the story justice and an ever-so convenient solution to Spider-Man’s problems made me groan. It’s not terrible and is still good, old-fashioned fun, but I’m honestly looking forward to the next issue because of a team up with Iron Man.
X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #3- PULL! Sure, this comic isn’t flashy or groundbreaking, but it is fun to read about a lame mutant just trying to cope with life at the X-Mansion. In this issue, Bailey meets a young mutant with a power so immense that using it can negate existence, which kinda puts her in the same boat as Bailey. I feel like this isn’t so much a superhero story as it is a life story of a mutant dealing with everyday issues of a teenager, and it’s refreshing.
CUT LIST (advanced copies not reviewed in depth)
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol 4: PULL! I’m not a Whovian, so I expected to read this with no clue of what was going on or any basic understanding of this book; however, the short stories and periodical explanations of the paraphernalia (sonic screwdriver, TARDIS, etc). This volume contains three stories, each with their own style and unique approach to a Doctor Who story. I do wish the last story was complete in the volume, rather than end it with a To Be Continued, but a solid book nonetheless.
Dream Police #9: PULL! A comic about two partners in a police force for the regulation of dreams is thrown for a loop when one of the officers finds himself awoken from a coma, unable to return to the dreamscape. This book analyzes Frank’s struggle to escape real life in favor of his dream career, pun intended. Interesting story with brooding artwork makes for a great comic.
Freelance Blues #3: PASS. It takes a special kind of comic for me to enjoy it in black and white, and this just ain’t special. Lance the Freelancer (what a bad joke) gets attacked by a supernatural lawn, complete with mischievous gnomes and bad bushes, but lacks elements that would make this readable. Less clutter, more color, and better writing could’ve saved this book for me, but as is, don’t bother.
Ghostbusters International #4: PASS. Ghostbusters is a fun properly with a new reboot coming out soon, but this title offers nothing unique enough to justify reading it. The original team now busts ghosts worldwide along with some female backup, but ghosts are ghosts are ghosts, so the country of origin or the proton pack operators’ gender are empty details. The humor is meh and the art is cartoony (which they were going for) so skip this & save your money for the upcoming film.
Hellboy and the BPRD: 1953- Across the Fences #3: PULL! I was soooo close to writing a full review on this one due to the fun, destructo story and in-your-face action scenes, but my spare time is limited this week, as I’ve mentioned. This book combines oldie settings with crazy good fantasy brawling between Hellboy and a dinosaur-esque rampaging monster. Vibrant colors and classic Mignolaverse art are inviting for even the casual reader. For a good time, call 1-(953)-HELL-BOY.
Judge Dredd The Cursed Earth Uncensored: PASS. The only thing I hate more than a Judge Dredd feature in 2000 AD is a 400 page monster book full of nothing but Judge Dredd. I could not get though the whole thing, but I have a really strong feeling I didn’t miss much. Good for you if Judge Dredd is your type of story, but personally, reading this massive story would be like eating an entire cake when you know the icing is shit.
Martian Comics #4: PASS. I fell asleep trying read this, woke up to continue reading, and fell back asleep. The whole oversized issue is a just a guy possessed by a Martian explaining how he developed a massive armaments company over the course of two decades through influencing world events. If you’re a history buff, this may interest you, but the overall lack of anything alien or Sci-Fi is very disappointing.
Postal #12: PULL! The main draw of this book is the concept of a town full of criminals trying to get on with their lives away from mainstream society. The two main characters both suffer from psychological disabilities, creating an unstable living environment for the inhabitants. The art looks like video game cutscenes and I enjoyed reading it although action is not very prevalent.
Wynonna Earp #3:PULL! I thought this would have more about the demon killing gun I’ve heard about in the TV show ads, but even without it, Wynonna is a badass! This issue sets up in a country bar where Earp is trying to get in on a fighting ring and she earns her right to fight. The art is cool, the supporting cast is dynamic, and the overall experience is super effective.
There it is! Agree? Disagree? Comment on this article or on Twitter with your feedback! My handle is @bamfingbob and I also just got into Instagram using the same name. Only two full reviews this week, linked below. Hopefully next week is more productive for my reviewing! Thanks again for reading! See you next week! BAMF!
P.S. Sorry this was late. Power went out as I was finishing up. This week’s been crazy. Also, next week (Lightning Review #4) may be delayed as well because I am not going to the comic book shop until Saturday aka FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Therefore, my pull list isn’t available to me until then. Keep that in mind 🙂
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