Lightning Review #38

The future is NOW! Welcome to the first Lightning Review of 2017, where the format is given a makeover and bring you not one, but two weeks of comic opinions. As returning readers already know, I took the final week of 2016 off to drive cross-country to visit family and I absolutely loved it. My cousin had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor and my nuclear family from Texas drove in as well, so the reunion was long overdue. Finally saw Rogue One with Dad; damn good film. Plenty of quality family time. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my fair share of new releases though. For new readers, first of all, welcome! Secondly, my format generally consists of two sections: the “pick list” which has comics I chose to read for pleasure and the “variety list” which is a sampling of comics across different genres and publishers that I read based on need by Comic Crusaders. This article is special though because I have December’s last releases to account for. I did not do any extras outside of my pick list, but there are several. As for the final rating, I will calculate each week separately, then cumulatively which will be the final result. Also, because of my circumstances, I did not write at all during my off week, so I knocked my reviews all out after reflecting for a few days, rather than immediately after reading. Let me know if there is a noticeable difference. Alright, so without any more explanation, I give you… the LIGHTNING REVIEW!


cw-ii-8Civil War II #8- PULL! Not always, but sometimes your side loses. Whether it’s a war, a sporting event, or a presidential election, these losses hurt and feel unfair oftentimes. I felt this way about Civil War II. I have been Team Iron Man from day one, but this issue pitted him against Captain Marvel for several pages and in the end, he was overpowered and reduced to life support. However, the other parts of this comic prove he was right all along! Clairvoyant Inhuman Ulysses transcends his current abilities and shows multiple different possible futures, all radical and drawn by different artists. I really enjoyed the inclusion of these, because it gave a glimpse of other talent and proves that nothing is set in stone. Bravo to Bendis, Marquez, and Ponsor though for the journey. Was I happy with the overall outcome? No. Was it a good issue to end a good event? I think so.

exm-17Extraordinary X-Men #17- PULL! This might be my favorite issue of EXM to date. It’s not because it is heavy on Storm, both dealing with the Terrigen crisis and X-Haven duties, even though she gets some amazing moments. Besides, I’m a Nightcrawler guy and he was barely in it. And it’s not because of the new artist Eric Koda, who admittedly did better than all previous artists thus far, based on my taste. No, this issue surpasses the first 16 because the story is told largely from the perspective of the sister of a young mutant who is dying from M-Pox, whose lifelong wish is to meet her hero Storm. This human must swim against the current of diplomatic roadblocks to see the clearly preoccupied leader, who is eventually able to take time for young Maya aka Lucid, who is made an official X-Man before passing away. I cried while reading it, and am crying again now writing about it. It’s incredibly moving, like the recent news story of the kid who died in Santa’s arms. I bought this as a stand alone, simply because of how original, down-to-earth, and heartfelt this is, despite removing the title from my stack after issue 12.

gft-1Grimm Fairy Tales #1- PASS! After a long run, GFT is resetting (sort of) with Skye Mathers taking up the mantle of her late mother Sela as guardian of Earth, and I can help but feel it doesn’t live up to the name. Zenescope puts out all sorts of titles, numbering in the dozens for sure, that branched from their Grimm Fairy Tales, from Oz to Wonderland to classic horror, so I’ve read my share of GFT. However, this felt more like Supernatural than what I’ve come to expect. I like that show, so this seemed like a knock off with a cute chick instead of cute brothers. I mean, uh… manly monster hunters. But seriously, this may have had to do with the fact he first “mission” sent her to a Red Riding Hood situation with werewolves and she has to pose as a detective to get to the bottom of it. I probably won’t continue reading this, except in the variety list, but it’s readable at least.

love-is-loveLove is Love- PULL x 3! Okay, so I did something for this book that I rarely do: I read it twice. And for a 150 page collaborative effort, it was no simple feat. However, this is one of the best reads I’ve had all year. No amount of positive adjectives can describe how I feel. Seriously at a loss for words. Sure, some of the 1-2 page contributions did not strike the same chords as others, but the ones that touched me vastly outnumber the ones that don’t and the collective effort is grand, so I can’t even be critical. Every one of the hundreds of people who made content did so as a tribute and a gift to those affected by the Pulse shooting in Orlando last June. Not only is this a must read, but it is the single-most important thing I’ve read this year, and in recent history. Fully deserving of the 2 extra “PULL” ratings I’m tacking onto the final tally. I just wish there was more involvement by other publishers because there are plenty of DC heroes and no Marvel. Yeah, I know, know… I have my preferences. Anyway, I have to actively limit what I say or else I’d keep writing, but I will end with this: I felt so much while reading Love is Love, from anger to fear to grief to hope. But always love. Next trip to the comic shop, I’m picking up at least one copy, and maybe another for a friend. For a beautiful 5-Star review by long-time reviewer Johnny Hughes, CLICK HERE!

mmpr-1oMighty Morphin Power Rangers #10- PULL! After some mighty good arcs focused on Tommy the Green Ranger, this takes a breather and puts resident smart guy Billy into focus. When the Blue Ranger fails to perform under pressure (heh heh, there’s a joke there somewhere), he goes on a path to self-realization by using the classic literary trope of the “hero’s quest”. Billy studies and trains, but no matter what, he can’t seem to get over the mountain of doubt in his path. He confides in Zack that he is afraid he will never truly be the hero he is expected to be as a ranger due to personal inadequacy. This resonated with me, as an engineer with zero prospective jobs (yet, fingers crossed) and worrying if I will ever succeed. Plus, Billy is the nerd that many young men could relate to more than the others (even though Jason was always my favorite). Guest artist Jonathan Lam does a great job too, with his slightly more Asian-inspired style.

savage_002_cover-a_larosaSavage #2- PULL! The first issue whetted my appetite for more backstory about the wild child on an island untouched by time and the famous family he arrived with. Once again, writer B. Clay Moore tells this in alternating sections of the present and the past, right after a soccer star and his publicist wife crash-land with their son. The plot thickens as Kevin loses a limb to a predatory dinosaur and the other two discover they are not the only humans on the island. Relationship building scenes between mother and son help us understand how KJ (the boy) grew into such a serious threat in the present day, taking on man and beast alike before the age of 13, I’d estimate. The art style is dynamic and great at exploring different perspectives, and the additional section of the artists’ breakdowns at the end bring the reader behind the page a bit, which as a fan and reviewer I totally love. Valiant, keep it up!

s2e-4Seven to Eternity #4- PULL! The thing that stands out to me about this issue in par ticular is that, although Adam Osidis is the main character, the supporting cast and villain see a significant amount of development. The art and story are both still incredible, and I expect nothing less from Remender and Opeña. Their Uncanny X-Force run is among my favorites. This issue grants the reader a history and insight into the Mud King as well as several of the Mosak Knights, all of whom have tragic and unfair reasons for their actions, good or evil. Osidis is still a pariah among the band of travelers and his emotions are used as a tool for the Mud King, which he is an expert at. While the others are content in their silence, Adam can’t help but hear the whispers in his head… This is some good stuff, and when Seven to Eternity returns in March, you’ll see it here!

sm-dp-12Spider-Man/ Deadpool #12- PULL! Having Todd Nauck as the artist makes this an instant pull for me, but luckily I already have this title on my Pull List at my comic shop DCBS. (Small plug: Discount Comic Book Service has a shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana but do most business online at a great price. You may have seen their ads. I highly recommend them.) So, Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti co-wrote this and it is a total blast to read. They write Spidey as a funnier character than Kelly does, which was nice in a comic where he is down in the dumps. The titan Saturn wreaks mayhem and destruction in NYC as a result of his holiday Saturnalia being replaced by Christmas, which bears a striking resemblance. The pair of heroes must convince Saturn the spirit of gambling and debauchery lives on during the holidays. Nauck’s art is A+ stuff and the content is fresh and something I’ve never seen before. Also, the bromance between Spider-Man and Deadpool is official, as they proclaim their title as “besties” on the final page. Sadly, this is the last issue… I was able to pre-order due to financial reasons, but have no fear. I will continue to read and review this for as long as it’s possible.

tarzan-on-the-planet-of-the-apes-4-2016Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes #4- PULL! I believe this is what you would call a “twist”. To catch you up, Caesar and his adoptive brother Tarzan have banded with a group of time adventurers to close a final portal that is causing elements from alternate timelines to bleed into one another. The twist is that the portal in question is different from the others and provides a means of escape from the lethal winged dinosaur guardians of the temple that houses it. Our lead characters find themselves in the exact setting of the original film, with the cast, setting, and everything. Each element, from the story to art to lettering, all make this a dream comic for ape nerds like me. The science fiction is blended into both Tarzan’s and the Planet of the Apes’ mythologies to create a plausible reason for this crossover to happen, rather than just plopping it on the plate and telling us to eat it up.

tt-3Teen Titans Rebirth #3- PASS! I enjoyed this comic. Almost as much as I enjoyed reading it the first time in Champions #2 by Marvel. It’s such a shame when two very similar comics/movies/books come out in such close proximity, especially when the second to debut doesn’t live up to the first. That being said, I stand by the fact I enjoyed this comic, so telling you to pass it up kinda pains me. In both comics, the new teams have a pow wow in the woods around a campfire where they discuss powers and gain insight of their personalities in the team dynamic. However, the writing is almost too jokey with Beast Boy and Kid Flash to feel natural. Also, the new artist on this issue lacks some of the appeal I had with the one previous. Good comic with a solid cast and interesting plot points, but I got a bad case of déjà vu that I couldn’t shake off.

ua-18Uncanny Avengers #18- PULL! After months on the back burner, the Red Skull is finally the focus of Uncanny Avengers again, and let me tell you, he is coming in full speed ahead. Literally, thanks to his mind control of Quicksilver, who thwarts many teammates for Red Skull’s plans. I love his full-page spread where his mind is overloaded by thoughts not his own. In fact, all the Pietro scenes are just great. Thought we’d see Spider-Man, but that was a fakeout. However, we do get plenty of Rogue whose defenses are falling after Xavier’s brain slowly chips away at her while she sleeps. Rogue sits Deadpool out as a last resort in case all goes to hell, which it looks like it will. As her “Ace”, Wade is charged with getting backup and I look forward to see who they are. Nightcrawler has a small cameo, which made me smile. This creative team does great, so I never really worry about getting a quality comic.

zombie-tramp-new-years-eve-special-5-600x900Zombie Tramp New Year’s Eve Special- PULL! Greatness… is not a word I’d use to describe this special about the hungry hottie and her witchy woman companion having a NYE wager. However, I was entertained, and that is all I ask from this book. Let’s be real. Zombie Tramp is an excuse to have boobs and blood in diverse, perverse ways. It ain’t winning Eisner Awards any time soon. This issue has the two friends watching the televised show of the ball dropping where they decide to compete and see who can kill their respective host first- the decrepit mumbling old man (think Dick Clark, only a drooling mess) or the exasperated younger co-host that has to carry the show. Creative deaths, an unexpected end, and the inclusion of gay security guards (which makes for a priceless scene) make this the New Year’s Eve comic to have! Or, at least a NYE comic to have.



champs-4Champions #4- PULL! Something different with every issue, this team is maturing into probably my favorite team superhero title currently in print. The role of leader is still up in the air (or rather, plummeting through it) in a situation where the Champions are not the heroes, but accidental intruders of Atlantean airspace. They must work together to escape their captivity before it is too late! Amadeus Cho (Hulk) proves himself a less qualified leader than Kamala (Ms. Marvel) and Scott (Cyclops), who both have amazing leadership qualities and recognize each others’ fitness to assume command. Honestly, I’d love to see them as co-leaders, taking charge as the situation requires. Also, bravo to Waid for acknowledging the tension between mutants and inhumans, yet having these teenagers value friendship over genetics. Great action, use of powers, and growth as a unit prove that the Champions don’t need some big looming villain to create excellent stories. Also, I hate to admit, but Ramos is growing on me. Next issue, Gwenpool?

dptd-1Deadpool the Duck #1- PULL! I’m as shocked as you are. I thought for sure this would be a terrible comic taking two characters with cult followings and mashing them together to get easy sales. Well, yeah, they did that too, but the actual story is fun to read. Deadpool takes a job to take out Rocket Raccoon who has contracted “space rabies” and Howard just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After his teleporter gets chomped through, science fiction happens and we get the character that graces the cover of this comic. Having two main characters that are aware and can break the fourth wall sounds tiresome, but it is not overdone. I love that Howard mentions that he never has his own story, instead getting thrown in with film stars with great reviews, which applies to both Rocket and Deadpool in this story. Also, these three all appeared in Deadpool Too Soon and I loved that. So after this first issue, I’m optimistic.

faith-007-cover-a-kano-600x922Faith #7- PULL! All heroes must come to terms with the damage and losses that come with the territory, and Faith is doing so in a very undead way. Plagued by dreams and visions of those who have died in connection with her, from her parents to her clone to fellow hero Charlene, in is beginning to impact every part of her life. She doesn’t know whether it is all in her head or if some outside force is creating these rotting apparitions, but either way her entire life is put on hold. I love that this issue acknowledges her operating as a solo hero as well as a member of the newly reformed Renegades without actually getting into the team stuff, as to differentiate the two books. Balance is also important for comic characters appearing in multiple books (Wolverine and Batman come to mind). Art is solid, pop culture references are relevant, and the issue ends on a quieter note we haven’t seen much of from Faith. Looking forward to the next one.

jlvss-3Justice League vs Suicide Squad #3- PULL! When I read online that this issue gives the title a whole new meaning, they were not kidding around! Personally, I’ve avoided this crossover because it felt like a marketing ploy to promote their two movie teams, which it is very guilty of. They even match the team line-ups exactly. However, the twists in this issue make me really excited. For one, Amanda Waller captures the Justice League, which, I mean, come on. Difficulty level: Expert. But, the big reveal is a new team that breaks out of an isolated, maximum security prison that turns out to have been the first Suicide Squad. The team is impressive, but the stand out character for me is Lobo. FRAGGIN LOBO! Suddenly, both the JL and the SS must join forces to defeat this incredibly powerful team of killers, and I’m totally on board. Jesus Merino nails every character and scene crafted by Joshua Williamson. I’m going to need to catch up on the first two issues now.

mk-10Moon Knight #10- PULL! Thank God for Greg Smallwood. I missed his artwork in the last arc more than a Stormtrooper misses his target, so this was a big improvement for me. The opening flashback about Marc as a kid coping with his multiple personalities who manifest as playmates, and then with Khonshu who claims to be his true father, is just spectacular. Jeff Lemire is a great writer, when the editors aren’t pulling all the strings. First Extraordinary X-Men #17, now this. Just amazing. Mr. Knight visits Gina’s Diner in the barren desert of the reality he finds himself in, then goes to barter with Anubis for the soul of his friend Crowley. I wish I could just cut issues 6-9 from my memory and focus on the Lemire/Smallwood run, that would be greaaaat. A visual and intellectual masterpiece from beginning to end. Moon Knight is back!

slap-2Slapstick #2- PULL! Man, if you think Deadpool is too “cartoony”, then steer clear of this title! After contracting Quasimodo to find a way to reverse his condition courtesy of Dimension X, Steve Harmon visits a sporting event with his niece and nephew that gets attacked by a He-Man wannabe who shares Slapstick’s electroplasmic composition. An all out brawl ensues with plenty of clown gags, jock straps, and general toon mayhem before Steven is able to make good on getting a piece of Bro-Man… literally! Before being able access the device built by Quasi to reverse his animation, Slapstick is detained by a sexy Agent of A.R.M.O.R. (a division of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and a group of Smurf/My Little Pony hybrids attacks New Jersey! This is just a really fun comic with some adult humor thrown in. Art and writing are top-notch. It’s not going to impact the Marvel Universe much either, so anything goes!

usav-1U.S.Avengers #1-PASS! At first, I was blinded by the inclusion of New Mutants Sunspot and Cannonball, but upon reflection and an insightful review by Dusty Good, this isn’t more than a gimmick. It is a racially and socially diverse group working for a company trying to shed a bad reputation, and I like that, but their motives are unclear. The introductions actually work within the story, but again, the team seems thrown together haphazardly to stress just how inclusive they are of all types. Being solely concerned with American threats and security feels weird, when so many groups have global and universal concerns and the villain seems like a lame Red Skull knock off. But there is potential here if the writer decides to actually develop the team and embrace their differences. For the elaborate and candid review by Dusty on this issue, CLICK HERE!

twd-162The Walking Dead #162- PULL! For such a big fan of the show as well as the comics, you may be curious why I am only now beginning to review TWD in 2017. Well, up until now, I’ve consumed them by the volume rather than the issue, but I got all caught up over the break I took. The Whisperer War has been so different from the All Out War storyline with Negan and the Saviors. They were reliant on the numbers of the undead to do the bulk of the work, and this issue ends by showing just how powerful a wave of walkers can be. Speaking of Negan, while he is far from a “good guy”, he has a very humanizing moment that the reader cannot help but feel empathetic for the bastard. Kirkman and Adlard never fail to put out quality work and it is the prime example of a comic I am fine having no color in. Since this arc is wrapped up, next issue is gonna be an oversized deal costing only a quarter to commemorate Image’s 25th anniversary, followed by #164 that same month, so stay tuned in February for double the Dead.



big-trouble-in-little-chinaescape-from-new-york-4-1Big Trouble in Little China/ Escape from New York #4- PULL! Growing up, my dad made me watch Big Trouble in Little China and I loved that film. Never saw Escape from new York, but he talked all about badass Snake Plissken and his exploits. However, when I saw they were crossing these over, I was way confused because Jack Burton and Snake are both played by Kurt Russell. How would that work? Answer? Alternate realities. I missed the first three issues of this six-part event, but we get to see Jack masquerade as one of many Snake Plisskens summoned from across the multiverse by Lo Pan to kill Jack, and the violence is so much fun in the moment. Each personality is distant and accurate, despite the two being dopplegangers. It’s not the greatest in art or writing for me, but seeing these iconic fictional characters interact does justice for me.

ed2-dor-3Evil Dead 2: Dark Ones Rising #3- PASS! Space Goat Productions thrives off their use of Ash and the Evil Dead franchise. I’ve enjoyed the last couple issues I’ve read, despite never being a fan of the cult classic, but this one just fell really flat for me. There’s this huge battle with a giant monster that felt very Lovecraftian, but Ash and his partner Annie seem to fall more victim than victor in the fight. The art is big and apocalyptic, and some moments felt cool, but in the end I was let down by the fact none of it was real. Not like in a “comics aren’t real” way, but in a “it was all a dream” way. Turns out all the death and destruction was nothing but a scenario crafted by a reality warping character. I personally hate this cop-out, but it can work in certain situations. Just not this one. If SGP keeps milking the Evil Dead like this, it’ll start producing sour milk before too long. Fair warning.

tneegod05covaparrilloEvil Ernie: GodEater #5- PULL! Associated with crass humor and incredible gore, Evil Ernie is not a character I’d expect to see in such a beautiful comic. Yet GodEater provides a holier-than-thou atmosphere (which totally works in a war involving heaven and hell) and art which is simply divine. I could be exaggerating, but I’m not. Ernie is still evil, with his mischievous button mouthing off as always, but his allegiance to the world and the balance between order and chaos is enough to ally himself with angels to save humanity. The coloring is truly inspired and the overall aesthetic is just leaps and bounds better than I’d expect. Even more impressive was the writing, which gives the reader a true sense of the weight of the situation when someone must sacrifice for the greater good. Well done Chaos!

eh-4 Evil Heroes #4- PASS! I love a good superhero comic as much as the next geek, but Zenescope should stay away if they can’t be more original in their designs. The opening scene features the Flash, or it might as well with the obvious plagiarism of the character, realizing the error of his fellow god-like heroes and vows to stop them. These other “heroes” include knock-offs of Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, as well as Anubis and a blue, four-armed warrior that was oddly familiar as well. The idea of several people with powers suiting up and standing against these foes is an interesting concept, but the whole time this just felt like the evil Justice League was trying to destroy a random world in the multiverse. I can’t blame the artist too much because the art really is good for what it’s worth, but shame on the writer for the unashamed replication of popular superheroes by a different publisher and shame on Zenescope for not doing their best to prevent situations that even resemble copyright infringement.

nb-28Nailbiter #28- PULL! Most horror comics focus on getting a scare or two out of the reader with every issue, but I feel as though Nailbiter is the type of title that delivers that and then some. There are creepy moments and frightening situations, but what stood out to me was the atmosphere of general uneasiness by being a town associated with notorious serial killers. Forgive me for not having read the first two years of this title, because I’m taking this at face value, but I am not sure who Nailbiter is or if he even appears in this issue. We got some cool killers, many explosions, and a family in crisis to keep us on our toes though, so I’m satisfied. The coloring by Adam Guzowski is great in the inferno scenes, and paired with Mike Henderson’s art and Joshua Williamson’s script, this is a pretty intense read.

norman-2Norman #2- PASS! Like the first, I did not enjoy this comic on many levels. For one, Norman the boy serial killer spends no time killing in this issue, instead having mini-panic attacks at every turn as his classmates get closer and closer to outing him as the murderer of two kids. His floating demon buddy is pointless, the literal devil on his shoulder. The teacher is a hot mess that should never be in charge of a goldfish, let alone a classroom, because she is a violent alcoholic that is entirely inappropriate. She even makes the only gay kid run around the school naked after being falsely accused of one of the murders. It’s just shameful. Creator Stan Silas also shames the poor and portrays a cast of terrible people doing terrible things. The chibi art is cute, but not for over thirty pages of poor taste. I wouldn’t even add this to my collection if it were free.

tf_op_2_cvraOptimus Prime #2- PASS! Yo, if you like Transformers and G.I. Joe comics, this probably gonna be really nostalgic and fulfilling for you. All the art just feels like the older comics printed on paper that yellows over time, especially in the coloring that has a pixelated pop art style. The issue has no shortage of characters of both the mechanic and organic variety. And yet, I am not a big fan of either franchise, so any memberberries I may have enjoyed while reading it have all spoiled. I was just too lost to really get in the groove and enjoy it. Also, call me a nitpicker, but for a solo title about the most popular Transformer ever, there wasn’t enough of him. I nodded off reading this. Like I said, I see the good in this comic and fans are sure to like it, but I lack the attachment to the Autobots that it would require to do so.

rotbf-5Rise of the Black Flame #5- PULL! The last two issues I read (#2 & #4) weren’t that good as single issues, since it was all exposition and no action. Luckily, the fifth one is a great finale is an otherwise bland showing by Dark Horse. A team of explorers reach the temple where a cult has kidnapped several young girls, with the assumption they will be sacrificed to the Black Flames. They split up to rescue the girls and fight the dozens of cultists, only to discover their target has another agenda than they suspected. I was not expecting the twist ending at all, and that alone was enough to earn my kudos. This could have been a drab, vanilla, basic comic where the heroes swoop in and beat the bad guys and rescue the damsels and save the day, but instead I was treated to some supernatural awesomeness that one of the group members has to confront head on. Maybe rereading the 5-issue arc will change my mind, but I say skip the first four and just read this one.

sd-way-77Scooby-Doo! Where are you? #77- PULL! Growing up, I was a huge fan of the gang, running around solving monster mysteries and having a laugh. Even before that first live-action film came out, it was arguably my favorite cartoon. Well, this issue does a great job of capturing the soul of the original Mystery Inc. Two short mysteries about surfing, sharks, pirates and ghosts have a common theme, yet operate separate from one another. Shaggy and Scooby are still hungry and reluctant, which is what I expect. The art is done by the books and the stories can appeal to adults and kids alike. Velma even throws in a short history of the mythical Kraken. For the record, I’m not a fan of the new DC comics about Scooby-Doo, with it’s high tech explanations and modern interpretation. Give me the classics any day! Plus, you know I’m a sucker for pirates…

tres-tpbTrespasser TPB- PULL! If memory serves correctly, you may recall that I reviewed the fourth and final issue of Alterna’s series about an alien who stumbles onto the property of a man and his daughter in the middle of nowhere. As intriguing as that last issue was, having the first three issues to read and build a history made all the difference for making this an amazing story. I did not realize the initial trespasser was injured and taken in by the hermit, only to be killed and eaten because it’s the only thing to eat that isn’t irradiated. The real drama revolves around Hector, Maria, and their dog Bella, and it’s this intimate cast that makes this such a good tale. Justin Ryan and Kristian Rossi do a wonderful job conveying the overall tone and purpose of Trespasser. Loved this, for real. I still think the prologue doesn’t fit with the story, but I’m still incredibly impressed by this, especially from such a small publisher.

we-dh-2Wynonna Earp Legends: Doc Holliday #2- PULL! The show looked okay, but I never got around to watching it. Still, if it’s anything like this comic, I’d enjoy the hell out of it. This is not her main series, but rather a “Legends” title that loosely focuses on her cowboy partner Doc Holliday. The story itself is great, with U.S. Marshall Earp and her deadly cohorts tracking down an immortal madman who is killing everyone as a gift, assuming there is freedom in death. Her orders are to take him alive, but those who know better aim to kill. The bank vault scene is suspicious to me and I think there will be much more to the story involving young survivor Nora Radd. The one thing I hated though was the opening page, a recap of sorts in the form of a Twitter timeline. Doesn’t work. Just… no…


So, for the week of December 28th, I had 10 pulls and 2 passes, but factoring in the two extra pulls from Love is Love, that week got a rating of 4.29 out of 5.

This week, I had 14 pulls and 5 passes, giving a score of 3.68 out of 5.

Cumulatively, there were 24 pulls (plus 2 bonus) and 7 passes, giving a grand total of 3.94 out of 5 Lightning Bolts!

That’s SPARKY! Seriously, some great reading these last two weeks. I will be on a normal weekly schedule starting this week, so be on the look out for Lightning Reviews every weekend. Also, you may recall I’ve read and reviewed every issue of Rough Riders, but I will be rereading the trade and writing a full review of the first 7-issue arc some time this week, so stay tuned! Finally, I may write a ranting opinion piece against an online retailer that has wronged me for the past several months. You’ve been warned. Follow me on Twitter (@bamfingbob) and remember to be good. Until next week, BAMF!

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