Literature’s Most Magical Potions

At Express Vending they pride ourselves on the wide range of invigorating refreshments they provide. There’s one line of products they haven’t quite managed to master yet, though: magical potions.

While theirr vending solutions are state of the art technological marvels of the modern age, they actually run on electricity rather than mystical energies.

But what if they could fulfill our wildest vending-machine-related dream? What if they could provide magical refreshment solutions?

The caffeine heads would certainly be in for a treat with Getafix’s strength potion. As they currently lack a druid department they’re not quite sure what’s in this concoction, but the impact on sales departments jumping into ‘battle’ with their phones and keyboards would be instant.

Polyjuice potion from Hogwarts could do wonders for marketing departments. Just buy up some celeb hair on eBay, mix the potion together,  and sprinkle your ads with stars. All without having to spend millions.*

HR departments in coping with conflict resolution issues could rely upon Dr Jekyll’s serum. Does someone not get along with the rest of your staff? The solution is simple- transform them into someone else entirely.

Sadly, the closest thing they can offer to magic is coffee. They like to think it’s close enough.


*Express Vending does not condone the impersonation of any individual though the use of magical beverages or any other means.

Source: Express Vending

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