Long Live The KANE!

The first title releasing from the brand new Advent Comics creator-owned UNBOUND REALMS Imprint, Michael Mettlen’s KANE #1 goes on sale this week!

Cameron Kane is a master thief & assassin who embarks on an assignment to steal an ancient artifact…which will be his last!   But that is where his tale begins as he is transformed into our world’s only hope against unspeakable evil.

Michael Mettlen’s KANE #1 is a Full Color, 32 Page story which introduces you to the character.  Created and Illustrated by Michael Mettlen, Colors by Matt James, Lettered by Luis Torres and Edited by Tony Kittrell.

Michael Mettlen’s KANE #1 will be available today, Wednesday, January 11, 2017 on the Advent Universe Store and Amazon in print & Kindle ebook format (date for digital download on Comixology coming soon).


Pick up KANE #1 to experience the wildest ride of 2017! 

Visit www.adventcomics.com to purchase KANE #1and the other UNBOUND REALMS Imprint titles!

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