Since 2014, comic book readers everywhere have been asking the same question: “When will Man vs. Rock finally be assassinated by a fascist, foreign dictator?”  To answer that question, Man vs. Rock proudly brings you the most explosive graphic novel of all time–UnPresidential!

The year is 2017.  President Trump has mysteriously disappeared, and America is holding a special election to replace him!

Only one man has the charisma, sexiness, and compassion to lead the free world… KIM JONG UN, the fascist dictator of North Korea, of course!  A hilarious satire of American culture, UNPRESIDENTIAL focuses on the journey of the Un-likeliest candidate of all in his quest to save democracy!

“We always wanted to tell a story that focuses on the everyman… the lovable underdog… the determined hero, so naturally we decided to write our book about Kim Jong Un,” said Kevin Bieber, from an Arby’s work camp in Pyongyang.

“We feel that Kim Jong Un is the perfect sex symbol for Man vs. Rock, and will really grow our brand,” said Victor Reynolds, who is currently in hiding from… the real Kim Jong Un.

Click here to pre-order!  UnPresidential is written by Man vs. Rock, with art by Jeremiah Labib, and releases on November 21, 2017.  It is distributed by Z2 Comics, Inc., which has produced such amazing hits as Murder Ballads, Escapo, Legend, and Carver.


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