Manga Monday Review: Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 209

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 209 by various writers, artists and creative teams. Proudly distributed by Viz Media.

The Shonen Jump phenomenon began in 1968 as a semi to bi-weekly magazine until popularity grew it has gone weekly and has it news stands all over Japan and never looked back. They are popular for all age groups and cater for different tastes, you have action that you’d expect from an anime and comedy to ease the mood.

In 2002 these Manga were brought to the world when Viz Media got the licencing rights to publish books from North America – the same day they are released the same day as they are released in Japan.

The cover issue is My Hero Academia, this issue is busy with non-stop action as Midoriya plans to be a hero but is he a bit out of his element when he faces off against the powerful Bakugo?
In this issue there is an interview with Kohei Horikoshi.

Other stories in this manga that Anime fans will enjoy such as One Piece, Bleach, Naruto spinnoff Shikamaru’s Story and the highly acclaimed One Punch Man. Other titles include World Trigger, Food Wars, Toriko, Black Cover, Muhyo and Roji’s Bureu of Superanatural Investigation. Thats 11 short stories into one 200+ page book!


I cannot fault this book, it’s well worth its 99 cents for the digital copy. 200+ plus pages of pure awesomeness! Do ya’self a favor and pick it up!

I’d install the SJ app or go to to subscribe for your digital copy.


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