Marvel Comics legend Joltin’ Joe Sinnott Kicks it up Old School with Giant-Size Margo!

“At 91 years-old, Joltin’ Joe is still creating great art.” – – Jim Whiting, creator of Margo Intergalactic Trash Collector.

Giant-Size Margo features an homage to the iconic Fantastic Four #46 by Joe Sinnott.

“The Margo series has always been a tribute to the comics I grew up reading as a kid, so I wanted the third issue to look back to classic Marvel,”  states series creator Jim Whiting.  “I’ve always been a big fan of Joe Sinnott’s work and when I finally got to meet him, he gaveme a big thumbs-up on what I have been doing with the Margo books. Joe’s inking was such an important part of the FF’s history, so I approached him with the idea of an FF tribute a-la Margo. When he agreed, I was ecstatic, but when I saw his work for the cover, I was floored!  Joe has worked with the greatest talents in the industry, and at 90 years old, he is still knocking it out of the park! He was so accommodating and generous with his time, he has even agreed to sign limited editions for the Giant-Size Margo Kickstarter campaign.”

Giant-Size Margo features the continuing adventures of Margo by creator Jim Whiting, an all-new story by artists Marcelo Trom (Zombie Tramp/ Baby Doll series), Thyago Brandao, and Joe Sinnott’s FF tribute cover.  “This new Margo book has creators that span a wide range of generations under one title, I am really excited about being able to bring them all together with this book An issue this huge could only be called Giant-Size Margo,” exclaims Whiting.

Margo Intergalactic Trash Collector features the adventures of a reluctant heroine, and a band of inter-species trash collectors tasked with taking out the trash and cleaning up the universe!

The Giant-Size Margo Kickstarter runs through October and the printed books are due out in early March 2018.

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