Marvel vs. DC. The Battle Of Two Comic Universes

No doubt, DC and Marvel comics are the champions of the comic world. Most of us who are fascinated with the works from both universes often find it hard to tell which one is greater than the other. You will agree that both companies have been spectacular especially when you compare the likes of Superman and Batman from DC comics and Spider-Man and X-men from Marvel. Since their establishment, the comic books from both companies have continuously dominated in the comic industry. However, there are still many fans who believe one of these two kingdoms is greater than the other and therefore, should be the supreme leader.


When it all started

The battle for supremacy between these two elite comic universes obviously didn’t start today. Although both companies kicked off at the same time, in 1930, the first major impression was made by DC comics, following the creation of Superman. Other superhero characters like Batman and the Justice League as a whole were subsequently introduced, which still attract millions of admirers from all over the world till today. Both kingdoms have continuously told captivating stories. However, it was not until the late 60’s before the actual rivalry between both companies started, when DC revived members of the Justice League, especially, Green Lantern and Flash. Following DC’s success with their superhero character set, Marvel also decided to create their own superhero team, the Fantastic Four, which also turned out to be a huge success. Other superhero characters were developed by both universes during this period and soon their rivalry became clear.


The Battle

With the introduction of many movie series beginning in 2000, Marvel was able to successfully transform their comics into popular franchises. Right now, almost every one of their superhero characters has been duplicated in a movie. 

Although not every one of these films swooped the movie market, each one made it to the box-office. In fact, two of their movies, “Batman vs. Superman” and “Suicide Squad” were recognized as the biggest films in 2016.

On the other hand, the DC universe has often had to catch up with Marvel when it comes to the movie series. Most of their films have always been themed around darkness just like their comic books. Although they have released a good number of successful movies about Batman, though it seems the Dark Knight caught the fancy of most fans. Whilst their movies were also major box-office hits, it seems DC has always had an upper hand in the never-ending battle between the two universes. Right now, the heat from critics and admirers is way much on Marvel than DC. And perhaps, DC has already made plans to release many more thrillers, from now until July 2020.

Even in the gaming world, both companies are loggerheads. They have both continued to fascinate fans with new releases every time. As it stands, the future of comics in the two kingdoms is still undecided.

Final Insights

Right now, it will be difficult to tell who will win the battle for supremacy between the two comic universes since both companies seem too balanced at the moment. Whether its DC or Marvel who emerges as champion anytime soon, we hope that doesn’t affect the great thrillers that the two comic universes have been entertaining us with.

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