Metronomicon ‘J-Punch’ DLC and Mysterious Cheat Sheet from the 90s?

Before you head out to enjoy a weekend full of Destiny 2 or PUBG, we wanted to let you know that the fifth Challenge Pack for The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor released this week and features three new tracks from artist J-Punch. These tracks are more chill-tempo than our usual musical fare but still contain tough challenges and gear awards for the skilled Metronomicon player. You can find more info on our latest Challenge Pack along with a short sample trailer:

Also, did you know that the The Metronomicon contains cheat codes? In this day and age cheat codes are so rare we weren’t sure how to share them with you. Luckily the company time machine is still working after the “Noodle Incident” (long story), so we traveled back in time to the heyday of print magazines and Big Head mode to procure an official cheat sheet in glorious 1990s format. After the editors were done admiring our futuristic gaming technology they put together a “radical” one page spread listing all the cheats for The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor.

We found out the hard way that paper doesn’t travel through time (another long story), so we have this handy download link for you if you’d like to print or share the cheat sheet online with friends.

You need a break. It’s time for something a bit more mellow, no? Soothe yourself to the sounds of our first solo-artist challenge pack. The very same gent who created all the cut scene and original music for the game… J-Punch! Three new songs, three new challenges, and three new awesome pieces of gear. It’s time for the J-Punch Challenge Pack!

The J-Punch Challenge Pack is now available via the PlayStation®StoreXbox Store, and Steam for $1.99 USD. Tracks included are: Hours Late!Shoes, and Make it Blue. Tracks are playable in all game modes after purchase (you must own the base game before purchasing a digital add-on).

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