MONGO’s LCS Pull List September 8, 2016

I am back this week for a quick sample of my LCS pulls.  I missed a week and we had an Annuals week which honestly gave me some time to catch up on reading titles I had pushed aside.  One lone Marvel title amongst my DC Rebirth pulls this week.  Cyborg opens up his standalone title and Supergirl gets her issue one this week after a somewhat disappointing Rebirth opener.

Okay off we go . . .


Cyborg Rebirth #1

The opening Rebirth issue for a Victor Stone gave some decent background for Cyborg and functioned as many of the opening issues.  I just feel the character is much better in a team book than a solo.  Cyborg doesn’t have the rogues to excite me for a solo series.  I did like seeing a bit more than just “hacking” and opening boom tubes in the issue.  I wonder if I am the only reader who felt the final act was flat?  I personally never have spent much time questioning if Vic had a soul.  The character has been plenty enough human in behavior and flaws for me.  It is a Rebirth opener so I will see how the next issue goes.  PASS if you are not a massive Cyborg fan and/or are trying to get the most for your NCBD $!

STORY BY:  David F. Walker
ART BY:  Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
COLORS BY:  Adriano Lucas
LETTERS BY:  Rob Leigh


Batman #6

The Epilogue for “I AM GOTHAM” and the start of the “NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN” closes one arc and opens the next brilliantly.  Finally getting some long-awaited page time with Gotham Girl!  Processing her brother’s death has really pushed her into a dark place.  Although behaving like a hero Claire comes across as Bat-shit crazy (pun intended),  I loved seeing the villains she had to face throughout the issue.  Seeing Colonel Blimp,  Captain Stingaree and Kite man was a great D-list cut by Mr. King! PULL this title every time!

STORY BY: Tom King
ART BY: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, & Scott Hanna
COLORS BY: Marcelo Maiolo
LETTERS BY: Deron Bennett


Superman #6


I am disagreed with by many of my DC brethren on this but I am still on board with this iteration of Supes!  The battle finally concludes with Eradicator and Krypto returns!  This issue hit on almost every necessary beat for me.  Superman is the character I remember as “My Superman.”  Lois gets pushed back slightly in this issue, serving more as domestic engineer than I prefer, although to be fair the Hell-Bat suit level of involvement would be tough to maintain.  Finally the final pages bring me one step closer to “Super Sons” with Jon and Damian!  PULL

STORY BY: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
ART BY: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz, Rob Leigh


Aquaman #6

STORY BY: Dan Abnet
ART BY: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

The conclusion of the first arc on Aquaman was better than expected.  The fight between Superman and Aquaman was almost believable and the art has always been pleasing on this title.  I enjoyed seeing Black Manta return to a higher level of evil, but this is still one of the weaker Rebirth titles for me.  I will still pull but for those watching their comic bucks you may want to pass.


Green Arrow #6

STORY BY: Ben Percy
ART BY: Stephen Byrne, Nate Piekos

This has been one of my surprise favorites in Rebirth.  Loads of recap in this issue but plenty of Shadow, Ollie and Emiko.  Great Art and Ben Percy has been giving us a great story.  I am excited to see the next arc, especially when I thought this was going to be Ollie on the island again.  PULL!



Supergirl #1

STORY BY: Steve Orlando
ART BY: Brian Ching

The art was good but the panel layout between flashbacks and present were really great.  This seems the most in line with the DC TV-verse and I am okay with it.  I hope to see this title find itself and take off in the coming issues.  PULL if you want another “Super” book.


Nightwing #4

STORY BY: Tim Seeley
ART BY: Javi Fernandez

The extended fight that Nightwing and Raptor have with Moloch, a member of the Parliament is pretty good.  I enjoyed reading the issue I just felt it was wrapped up too quickly and neatly.  Overall if you are a Grayson fan this is a good pull.


Doctor Strange #11

STORY BY:  Jason Aaron
ART BY:  Kevin Nowlan, Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire

Magic is all but gone and Steven Strange must rebuild it one spell at a time.  I am a big Dr. Strange fanboy so I am excited to see where we go from here.  Nice retelling of Strange’s origin and the art and story work together perfectly!  Happily PULL this title!


Justice League #4

STORY BY:  Bryan Hitch
ART BY:  Jesus Merino, Andy Owens

I hate the fact I recommend passing on a Justice League book but I do.  I still feel like Mr. Hitch is telling us unnecessary elements and this is an insult to the artists.  I want to love JL but right at the moment I just DON’T.


Well folks that wraps this weeks pulls.  Once again I am dropping short notes for each as most of my scribe time has been on the road via my tablet.  No excuse, just real world fact.  I hope to spend more time in front of my desktop for the next NCBD.





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