MONGO’S LCS Pulls 08/03

Once again I find myself behind on my attempt at my weekly LCS pulls.  Thankfully, this week was rather light on titles I pulled.  Ok, off we go:




Dr. Strange #10

Story by:  Jason Aaron

Art by: Chris Bachalo

The conclusion of, “Last Days of Magic” arc closes one door and opens another for Dr. Strange. This was a decent arc, the art was solid minus a few distant face oddities.  The story was compelling week to week for this Dr. Strange fan.  I loved the monster in the cellar’s depiction.  The following arc for Dr. Strange looks to be equally promising but has big shoes to fill based on this last arc.




Aquaman #4

Story by:  Dan Abnett

Art by:  Philippe Briones

Covers by: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

I know I have been threatening to PASS Arthur Curry for a few weeks but I liked the Brad Walker cover so I picked it up.  I also didn’t modify my pull list and my LCS had them waiting.  The issue was ok but I still can’t say PULL this title. I still find some weird facial expressions and posses which bother me.   My largest gripe is, although I know politics are in full swing,  the depiction of the government in dialogue gets a bit over the top. Slow and not terribly interesting for me.  Although Mera was bad-ass in this issue.




Batman #4

Story by:  Tom King

Art by:  David Finch, Matt Banning

“I Am Gotham” Part Four.

This was the weakest issue so far for me.  The Suicide Squad name drop certainly plays to the theatrical release and the story felt a bit disjointed.  I must say, however, at its weakest I still enjoyed the book and will continue to PULL.  Still underwhelmed on Gotham and Gotham girl, but hopeful for Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate’s role in the Monster Men.  Definite pace increase in this issue as well and Finch’s art is still fun for me.





Green Arrow #4

Story by:  Ben Percy

Art by Juan Ferreyra

“The Death and Life of Oliver Queen” Part Four

Juan Ferreyra’s art still has me geeking out!  Some of the dialogue is a touch melodramatic but this is a minor nitpick.  Black Canary is damn near visual perfection!  This is a great team (re)builder and sets up for a promising next few issues for Arrow and company.





Green Lanterns #4

Story by: Sam Humphries

Art by: Ardian Syaf

“Red Planet” Part Four

This was the week for weaker issues I suppose.  The good:  unnamed guardian and “The Phantom Ring”. The harkening to lost time ala rebirth one shot.  The less asshat Simon and the increase in Jessica’s confidence.  The bad (really bad IMO):  Simon’s ring at zero (0%) and he is still in full uniform???  Simon’s missing gun which suddenly reappears in the panel which has dialogue on said gun???? Skallox and Zulus Zox????  Aren’t they dead???  Perhaps I am way off on the continuity here but these were some major misses this issue.





Harley Quinn #1

Story by:  Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner

Art by:  Chad Hardin

“Die Laughing” Part One

First I didn’t hate the Suicide Squad movie (more on that later . . . perhaps) and I like the Harley character but I am not a rabid fan.  This was a fun book with a fair amount of back story, fun zombie trope and Red Tool wackiness.  If you fancy this and are a Harley FAN pick it up.  I will continue to for my daughter’s weekly reading but not mandatory for mine.





Justice League #2

Story by:  Bryan Hitch

Art by:  Sandu Florea

“The Extinction Machine” Part Two

I am hoping for more in the JL title.  It’s not bad it just hasn’t captured my interest the way Detective Comics has done.  I get the idea of needing a truly global threat for the league I am just not in love with the threat given at this point.  I see the seeds of greater things ahead, or at least I hope.  I like the distrust from Batman and to a lesser degree Wonder Woman toward the “New” Superman and I find the continued Green Lanterns polarity as a solid beat as well.

PULL for now, I mean come on its Justice League!





Nightwing #2

Story by:  Tim Seeley

Art by:  Javi Fernandez

“Better than Batman” Part Two

No pacing problems here.  Things are moving quickly.  I really liked Fernandez’ art and found some great Batman-type dialogue which was fun.  I will pull this for the first arc for sure.






Superman #4

Story by:  Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason

Art by:  Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray and John Kalisz

“Son of Superman” Part Four

Last of my weak issues this week.  I liked the father/son interaction and Lois as the mediator in this issue but it just fell a little short for me.  I will continue to PULL but I hope the team returns the focus back to what originally captured my attention, Jon.


Well that very quickly ends this weeks LCS haul.  As always go find your local shop and support them!



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