MONGO’s LCS Pulls 08/17

This past week has been a flurry of activity for me, and as such is quickly becoming the norm I am back to quickly run through my weekly pull-list.  I was able to fill in the missing issues of the current Vision run from Marvel and my TPB of Gutter Magic finally arrived as well.  If you have read any of my incoherent rants you already know these are two of my recent favorites.  My youngest had her tonsils and adenoids removed late last week and while she is quietly resting and bingeing “Young Justice” on Netflix I am going to run through my pulls for August 17th.


Suicide Squad #1:  THE BLACK VAULT:  Story:  Rob Williams Pencils:  Jim Lee, Inks:  Scott Willaims, Colors:  Alex Sinclair, Letters:  Nate Piekos, NEVER MISS:  Story:  Rob Williams, Art:  Jason Fabok, Colors:  Brad Anderson, Letters:  Nate Piekos

With the success of the movie, despite the critical response, this title seems a smart call on DC’s part.  I was not a huge fan of the two distinct stories which were strikingly different although sharing the same writer for both.  The Black Vault storyline felt like a complete rehash of the Rebirth issue to me and frankly a waste of 12 pages.  The Never Miss storyline was much more pleasing to the eye.  I really think Jason Fabok is a masterful artist.  Overall, I will pull this title a bit longer.  If you are a fan of the movie I think this is a good companion as it seems to be carrying the lighter tone which at least based on box office is appealing.


Justice League #3:  Story: Bryan Hitch   Art: Sandu Florea & Tony S. Daniel

It the Justice League but it this issue is plagued with excessive exposition, and wonky art in some panels.  When I finished reading this issue I was tired and confused.  My one positive is we are at least seeing the big bad, Kindred in this issue, but they really need to provide something to decrease the confusion.


Nightwing #3:  Story: Tim Seeley   Art: Javi Fernandez

I am glad I have hung on to this title.  This was by far the best issue to date.  Although I am not blown away with the art the story has slowly improved and given me hope for issues to come.


Superman #5:  Story: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason  Art: Doug Mahnke

Hellbat!!!!!!  The tease on the cover was all I needed.  We get a great call back from the Hellbat suit creators (Batman and Robin (Volume 2) #33).  On top of the armor we get a Bat-cave on the moon, or a Bat-crater.  I have not hidden my fandom of this series one bit and I continue to enjoy it.  Perhaps a touch slow in pace for some, I am so invested in the Super-family the book is just a pleasure for me.  My one minor complaint is with a few of the panels the faces, particularly the eyes and mouths of characters are skewed.


Supergirl Rebirth #1:  Story: Steve Orlando   Art: Emanuela Lupacchino

A departure from the New-52 (Thankfully for me!), this is typical of the Rebirth #1’s in my opinion.  Nothing really exceptional but I am hopeful this new start will bring about a great book for fans.


Batman #5:  Story: Tom King   Art: David Finch

Ok, to be fair I did previously ask for more Gotham Girl story.  It looks as if we may get my wish in subsequent issues.  Overall, this was the weakest offering since Mr. King took the reigns with Rebirth Batman.  The appearance of the Justice League who were handily dispatched by Gotham seemed weak when up till then Batman wasn’t fairing too bad against Gotham.  Just weird to me.  I also cannot get behind Duke at all, at least not yet.  This is still one of my favorites but this issue seemed to be a stumble compared to the prior.


Green Lanterns #5:  Story: Sam Humphries   Art: Ardian Syaf

This feels like a theme now, but as much as I have enjoyed the dialogue and story of our two new Lanterns, I really disliked this issue.  It feels like neither of the duo even want to be Lanterns.  Perhaps this is what Mr. Humphries is going for but it is quickly playing out for me.  I still think we have DEAD Red Lanterns very much alive in this issue and it still bothers me terribly.  Big Action and little more here in issue 5.


Green Arrow #5:  Story: Ben Percy   Art: Juan Ferreyra

At last a more positive MONGO!  I really dig Juan Ferreyra’s art BIG TIME!  This series feels like the perfect Green Arrow story, and although the payoff is somewhat mild, I can’t wait for more.  This was not the best issue of this arc but it remains one of my favorite Rebirth titles.


Aquaman #5:  Story: Dan Abnett   Art: Philippe Briones

First the good:  I like seeing Aquaman’s power on display and I think Mera’s attitude is a blast.  The Bad: The story moves so damn slow.


Batgirl Birds of Prey #1:  Story: Julie Benson   Art: Claire Roe

This issue was better than the Rebirth #1 preceding it.  I still am not wild over the art as I found quite a number of weird expressions on the close-ups of our titular characters.  This took me completely out of the book several times.  I do like Huntress as a character and although through dialogue we have a really forced quasi-reveal of her identity.  It was just laborious to read for me but slightly less than the Rebirth opener.


Civil War II:  The Fallen #1:  Story: Greg Pak   Art: Mark Bagley

My lone Marvel title this week.  I have held fast on the main story line of CWII only occasionally grabbing the side arcs.  This one was a good pull for me and provided plenty of emotion with the loss of Dr. Banner and my beloved Hulk.  The best part for me was the comparison of Betty to Bruce in terms of their mutual rage.  The panel of She-Hulk crying was another awesome emotion inducing page.

Well that concludes another week of comics.  I find myself increasingly rushed week to week but I make time for the important things; My family first, and of course the gym and comics!  Don’t forget in your own busy lives to take time for your family and hobbies.  Without them you will be significantly less to those around you.

Agree or Disagree with my speedy assessments?  Have some recommendations or just want to share like-minded fandom?  Find me on Twitter:  @InhumanMongo



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