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Once again I have returned with my LCS pulls from the week of July 20th, and I am not quite as late as last weeks.  Hey, insomnia has to be good for something.  This week is straight up DC Rebirth week, which of course occurs more frequently with the twice monthly printing.  I have a few Marvel titles in my digital issues for this week but this is all about supporting your Local Comic Shop so here goes my Pull List.

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Aquaman #3:  “THE DROWNING,” Chapter Three:

After Black Manta’s attack on the Spindrift embassy, Aquaman and Mera venture to DC.  Okay, I desperately want to like this book and Aquaman as I did when Rebirth began.  I still enjoy the art for the large part, but the story is not really grabbing me.  This issue was a touch better for me than issue two and I am holding on for at least this first arc.  Terrorism is certainly a direct correlation to current events and nothing new to the world of comics, I just want Aquaman in the water dealing with Atlantis proper and perhaps this will eventually give me my wish.

PULL for at least the first arc

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Batgirl and The Birds of Prey:  Rebirth #1:  “WHO IS ORACLE,” Chapter One:

I enjoy a good team up book, but I just struggled through this one.  It’s the one shot to start the series so I am not casting long-term judgment.  I just found sections of the art I really liked and other sections were not so great for me.  They covered a lot of back story which has been more common than not on the one shots but for me it is a pass.  Check out “The Machines” review here for a thorough review.


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Batman #3:  “I AM GOTHAM,” Chapter Three:

This book, AC, and DC will almost always be my first read.  Bats and Gotham out looking for the culprits of the mysterious attacks against the city.  We get some decent origin story for Gotham and Gotham Girl.  A pinch of nostalgia (2001:  Batman #588) with Bruce out and about sleuthing as “Matches Malone” and a glimpse only a glimpse of Hugo Strange yet again.  A slightly longer review found here if you are so inclined (I hope you are!)


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Green Arrow #3:  ‘THE DEATH AND LIFE OF OLIVER QUEEN,” Chapter Three:

I really have been digging Juan Ferreyra’s art in this run.  Maybe its my affinity for green????  Suffice to say this series has been fun for me and I even enjoy Ben Percy’s choice of villian(s).  I mean what better nemesis for Oliver Queen than an evil bunch of banksters!  I have this team’s run firmly on my PULL list!


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Green Lanterns #3:  “RAGE PLANET,” Chapter Three:

This is my pick for this week.  After last weeks Green Lantern Corps left me . . . bored, I get Jessica and Simon back to bring the JOY!  I can’t help but like the banter between these two and it has nothing to do with diversity really.  The character could be wheat and white toast, just keep giving me the internal battle each faces coupled with the external battles they must face as heroes.  Simple!     Trapped in the Rage Tower with drained rings as Atrocitus and crew attempt create their new world.  One minor issue is Atrocitus looks wonky in this issue.  Ok, ok not a review so I will press on.


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Hellblazer:  Rebirth #1:

Returning John Constantine to familiar London is a good start in my opinion.  I am not sure how I feel about the art style and the “****” for the adult themed words.  The story did capture in a PG-13 format a decent Constantine.  I also liked seeing Swamp Thing even if only for a few pages.  Not sure about Wonder Woman however, she looked strange on the pages as did Shazam.  I will page through the next issue and may still hold out hope for Hellblazer.


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Justice League #1:  “THE EXTINCTION MACHINE,”  Chapter One:

I really want to PULL this title, I mean come on folks its JL!  I get the premise of creating a über global threat which is perfect but I feel like we are getting rehashed threats.  Not only historically with a Starro-Esque villain in the last issue but now an episodic rehash with an alien horde again.  I loved most of the visuals throughout the book which will make me hold this opening arc at least.  Once again if you fancy a master review check out my favorite UK-bro, Johnny “THE MACHINE” Hughes here.

PASSING if the arc doesn’t give me something more than rehashed mind altering aliens or way to familiar threats.

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Superman #3:  “THE SON OF SUPERMAN,” Chapter Three:

I am still digging Tomasi and Gleason’s story with SUPERDAD.  I give up talking or over thinking the homage to “Reign of the Supermen.”  This issue had some great panels and splash and some real kinetic pages between Supes and the Eradicator.  I am really hoping for great things from the Super-Sons books!

I have a Superman tattoo so you know I PULL this one.

Okay Capes and Crusaders, that is my July 20th Pull List, only 3 days past NCBD.  In the end, this is all about reading what you like and supporting your local comic shop.  I get issues from a variety of places but I will not neglect my LCS!  Go out and support what you love or it will be gone.  That’s actually a solid mantra for life in general–MONGO!

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