MONGO’S Picks of the Week 7/13/16

I was given the opportunity to put together my weekly LCS pull list recently and on its first week I have almost ran into NCBD for the following week.  Unfortunately, my day job has reared its ugly head and put me quite behind my comic passion.  I will attempt to be more prompt next week, but thanks to DC Rebirth my list has been rather large and a touch daunting.   This will consist of my LCS pull list and not an in depth review.  Just random thoughts scattered about as I make my weekly trip to my hallowed LCS.  Cheers!

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Wonder Woman #2, Year One Begins

Greg Rucka pens and Nicola Scott illustrates with Romulo Fajardo, Jr. adding colors and Jodi Wynne lettering.  I took tons of grief as a lad for my Wonder Woman obsession, until I grew to a my inhuman size, now folks just glaze over my obsession.  I think the allure has always been due to the beauty of Linda Carter and the strength of I saw in my mother.  Enough Mongo history, on to the book.  I actually like the “dueling” story arcs in this title and Mr. Rucka has not disappointed me yet.  This issue brings the mythos of Steve Trevor and follows a bit what I expect the upcoming WB/DC movie to follow.  Great writing and great art on either arc has this firmly on my pull list!


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Civil War II #3

The major event of Civil War II joins Bendis sripting with David Marquez art and colors and lettering by Justin Ponsor & VC’s Clayton Cowles.  I am a Bendis fan but the CW II event has been only so-so for me.  This issue has yet another BIG loss.  I am never disappointed with Mr. Marquez art work and a few of the two page splashes left me staring at their collective beauty.  I have few Marvel titles on my LCS pull list because frankly I feel as a company they have left the boardroom take control over the creative team.  These two groups couldn’t be further apart in direction in my opinion and those who buy their products are worse for it.  Overall, I will continue to pull the main arc and browse the multiple offshoot CW II titles.  I am trying to stay positive for the Marvel Now! initiative coming up in hopes Marvel will realize the need to return to the deep history they have and not be dictated purely by businessmen.

PULL for the main title run

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Action Comics #959

Big art and story from Jurgens, Kirkham and Prianto in issue 959.  The story with Clark and Lois is every bit as intriguing as the story of Superman and Lex.  I have embraced the “Reign of the Supermen” feel I have struggled with with both the Action and main Superman run so I am in these books for the long haul.  Now is as good a time as any to mention the inclusion of the Snickers ads in this weeks Rebirth titles.  I loathe them!  If a person were just picking up one of this weeks titles at random I wouldn’t be surprised if the pages with the damn Snickers ad pulls them out.  I get the rationale but I still hate the ads!  Doomsday looks ridiculous (in a good way) through the entire issue.  I am anxiously awaiting the next issue.


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Detective Comics #936

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Alvaro Martinez and Brad Anderson
Lettering by Marilyn Patrizio

I am loving Tynion’s piloting of the Detective Comics run and the guest art is on point.  The team dynamic is purposeful and deftly orchestrated in each issue.  Even with Batman out the team holds the course.  I get a “Court of Owls” feel from the story but the story has enough of a unique feel to keep me ready for more.  It was a toss up between this and Nightwing for my pick of the week.


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Nightwing Rebirth #1

Tim Seeley, Yanick Maquette and Fairbairn rock with Nightwing: Rebirth #1, a densely packed first issue moving Dick Grayson back in the blue and black while ending Grayson, Agent of Spiral.  This was pure Nightwing goodness and as I stated above in a tight race for my pick of the week from Rebirth!

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Hal Jordan and The Green Latern Corps #1

Robert Venditti and Ethan Van Sciver give us Hal Jordan and The Corps in this first issue  deep in space.  Hal begins a journey of introspection which leads him to look at his life and what it has meant to both him and those around him.  This isn’t the best of the Rebirth starts so far but it could quickly become one of the best. I cannot say pull or pass definitively based on this issue.  For me it will remain a pull for at least one more.


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Flash #2

We have yet another speedster and that is at least currently the trend for Flash on most every form of media.  I enjoy what Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Ivan Placencia have done both in script and art but I am just not sold on another speedster . . . yet.  If you are a completist or a Flash fan you may hurl away at me but it is just not hooked me yet.


Okay folks, that belated quick review was my pull list for the week of July 13th.  Again I apologize for the late post, and I should add I managed to grab RiRi Williams first appearance in The Invincible Iron Man which was a major score for Mongo.  I am excited for this character and hope for great stories to follow.  In the end, just get out and support your local Comic Shop and read what you love people!



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