MONGO’s Weekly Pull List 08/10/16

Two GREAT Marvel titles in this weeks haul!  Vision will end soon and this saddens me, but I digress.  I am slightly ahead of schedule on this weeks rant but I am sure I will still end up running short on time as I had another large pull list this week.  I have almost everything read (a couple of times on some titles) but I have yet to sit down and read New Superman.  I vow to get this done before our next NCBD.


Vision #10
Story by:  Tom King
Art by:  Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Colors by:  Jordie Bellaire

The tragedy continues to pay its toll on the Vision family.  If you are a frequent visitor to Comic Crusaders you already know I love this book.  We will have a full review up on this issue.  Definite PULL!


Black Panther #5
Story by:  Ta-Nehisi Coates
Art by:  Chris Sprouse

My other definite PULL from Marvel.  Coates and Sprouse didn’t miss a beat as the second arc “A SWORD FOR LIONS” begins.  We get a little more Black Panther action but the story is still Wakanda and her people.  Grab these books people!  Coates is doing great things with this title!



Action Comics #961
Story by:  Dan Jurgens
Art by: Art Thibert & Stephen Segovia

Although it appears to be sloooooowly trudging along, I can still find the book interesting.  Oz is getting a little more panel time and hopefully this current Doomsday run is reaching a logical conclusion.  PULL because its Action Comics.


All-Star Batman #1
Story by:  Scott Snyder
Art by:  Declan Shaley, John Romita, Danny Miki

This was a pretty good start for “All Star” but not as strong as I had hoped.  The Legendary 13th Crusader completed an excellent full review HERE, CHECK IT OUT!


Deathstroke:  Rebirth #1
Story by:  Christopher Priest
Art by:  Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz

Ok, I am going to catch some major grief from some DC brethren, but I really thought this was a solid Rebirth for Slade.  I enjoyed the story and the art.  Solid Pull for me.  Great for a new reader as a character study of Deathstroke.


Detective Comics #938
Story by:  James Tynion IV
Art by:  Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson, Al Barrionuevo, Adriano Lucas, Marilyn Patrizio

I am consistently impressed with Tynion’s run with each issue.  The Jacob and Kate flashback and subsequent scripting was a pleasure to read.  I love the team dynamic of this series and it is one of my first reads!  Bravo!!!  PULL!


The Flash #4
Story by:  Joshua Williamson
Art by:  Neil Googe

I like the mentor Flash Williamson is giving us.  I am waiting on his new-found love interest to die tragically but I am still loving it.  Just not sure who will go first, August or Dr. Meena.  I waned on this title briefly but I like delving into the speedforce with this issue as well.  It’s just a fun read!


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2
Story by:  Robert Venditti
Art by:  Rafa Sandoval

Solid issue with character development , plot and some pretty decent action thrown in.  I especially like Sandoval’s Kilowog.  I am still interested in this series and expect some major action in issue #3


New Super-Man #2
Story by:  Gene Luen Yang
Art by:  Richard Friend

Ok, I read it!  I guess my major issue was I really enjoyed Superwoman #1,  and the loss of power issue, given all the “studying” the Ministry supposedly conducted on the JLA seemed lazy.  I will hold for the first arc but it may be so long New Super-man for me.



Red Hood and the Outlaws:  Rebirth #1
Story by:  Scott Lobdell
Art by:  Dexter Soy

I really think Dexter Soy made this book.  Artemis looked amazing to me!  I know Lobdell has some bad history to pay penance for but overall I am enjoying reading Jason Todd action.


Superwoman #1
Story by:  Phil Jimenez
Inks by: Matt Santorelli
Colors by:  Jeromy Cox

My slightly longer review HERE on Comic Crusaders review section.  Suffice to say this was a strong Rebirth issue.  A decent story and nice homage to older runs.


Wonder Woman #4
Story by:  Greg Rucka
Art by:  Nicola Scott

I am digging the “Year One” story line in hopes Mr. Rucka can give us a solidified origin of Diana.  I rather like Nicola Scott on this story.  She shows a lot of emotion in Diana and Steve given their language barrier.  My only minor complaint is the coloring is in some cases just off for my taste.  Great story and art more than makes up with a minor quibble.  Still a PULL for me.  Cheers to the entire WW team as this is possibly my favorite title week to week!

Another week down.  We are closing in on Marvel NOW time so I may, I stress MAY add a few more Marvel titles to my weekly list.  As always don’t forget to show some love to your LCS and read what you love!




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