MOVIE REVIEW: 47 Meters Down

Two sisters who are holidaying in Mexico take up with two guys who convince them to venture out to the ocean and get into a shark cage.  When there they are greeted by huge great whites, but tragedy strikes when the crane holding the cage in place breaks and they are sent down to the depths, how deep?  Well the title says it all really.

This is funny, my better half knows that I’m scared of sharks, I won’t walk along the beach at the waters edge, get on a small boat, or go swimming in open water.  I can’t even go into one of those large Aquarium places that they have.  It’s all very funny and the laughs at my expense are dealt with and dealt with through the fury of the heavens.  When a shark film comes up for review she giggles like a little twelve year old knowing that no matter how terrible the film is I will be uncomfortable for the running time.  It’s all great fun, it’s also why I place spiders on her while she sleeps, and why I enjoy sleeping on the couch.

Anyway here in 47 Meters Down the sharks are the main problem.  You like the characters, they seem like young people who just want to experience something new. The shark problem is that these creatures are masterful hunters of the deep, who through their genetic memories have become the most efficient killers on the planet.  These Mexican sharks though seem to have trouble biting their food.  I lost count with the amount of near miss bites that they should have had.  It got to be a little frustrating if I’m honest with you.

Mandy Moore, I didn’t know she was around, gives one of the performances that I’ve seen from her, as the careful sister.  Recently broken up from her Boyfriend for being ‘Boring’ and looking to prove that she is anything but.  Claire Holt stars as the sister who is up for anything and pushes Mandy into getting into the cage.  They have a great chemistry together and you believe that they are sisters.  The Captain of the boat is Matthew Modine, and you watch him thinking, where did it all go wrong Matthew?  Where?

The shark animation scenes are fantastic, it’s far from Shallow Water, but also better than most of the SyFy shark films we get, including Sharknado.  One scene in particular, near the end of the film, when a flare is ignited will haunt my dreams forever, I’m not joking, just that one split second will be with me every time I have a nightmare about sharks.

To really enjoy this film, and I did, truly I did, you have to just switch off your logical mind and enjoy the insanity of it all.  Don’t think about the behaviour of the sharks, the physics of the crane snapping twice, and the maybe survival of the girls.  If you can do that you’ll be like me and jump a few times, laugh at the film, maybe at the wrong places, and leave feeling like that I’d watch that again.  A few beers, a pizza, some mates and this is a great night in.  I don’t know if I would pay in to a cinema to watch this, but it’s fun, enough fun to catch again.

Director:  Johannes Roberts
Writers: Johannes RobertsErnest Riera 
Stars: Mandy MooreClaire HoltMatthew Modine & More!

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