MOVIE REVIEW: Mother’s Day

From Legend Garry Marshall and with an all-star cast comes the latest holiday related movie.

I’m sorry.  I hate bashing movies, and it seems over the last few weeks that is all that I’ve done.  I love going to see movies and love being able to tell you if you should stay or should you go now.  If you stay there will be trouble and if you go there will be double.  Now that song is going through my mind.  Bugger.

Anyway in this film a bunch of overly emotional well to do white people are bitching about their lives on the run up to Mother’s Day.  This film is releasing in Ireland just in time for Father’s day.  Which is great timing all around!

Caleb Brown, Jennifer Aniston, Brandon Spink, Shay Mitchell and Timothy Olyphant star in a scene from the movie "Mother's Day." The Catholic News Service classification is L -- limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is PG-13 -- parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. (CNS photo/Open Road) See MOVIE-REVIEW-MOTHERS-DAY-(EMBARGOED) April 27, 2016.

The story follows a group of interconnected families and friends as they gear up to Mothering Sunday.  From Jennifer Aniston to Timothy “Angry-Pants” Olyphant, to Jason Sudeikis, to Kate Hudson.  Julia Roberts also pops up and at this point I’m going to call on her to hand back her Oscar.  How can someone with that much talent star in something so vapid and horrid?  I don’t know but she seems to be doing it more and more these days.

All these interconnecting stories are obvious and you can almost write them in your head the minute the first lines of that particular story is started.  This isn’t just a bad film, it’s an attempt to make you feel bad that you should take your Mother or your Mother figure to see this film, and I’m not buying it.

The script is predictable and so cliché there is a picture of this film next to cliché in the dictionary.  There is also a few moments of racism that a lot of Americans will take exception at.  Don’t get me wrong, we all know that racism is alive and sadly well in every country on the planet, but here we’re meant to think that anyone from Texas of a certain generation is this way.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a good amount of Texans and while they are strongly in love with their state, and why shouldn’t they be, all Texans that I’ve met have been fair-minded and good people.  I got a little annoyed at this bit.

Jennifer Aniston should be ashamed of herself for doing this film, after last years amazing change of pace for her in Cake, I thought that she had turned a corner and would give us something different.  But here she slips into the same character that she plays so well and so often.


So should you go see this? No.  Obviously I’m not the target audience for this film, as I have brain cells that are firing.  But with a hand on my heart I’m saying that there are better films to go see as a family, The Jungle Book, or you can stay at home and watch paint dry.  This is just a blatant attempt to steal money from your wallet with the hope that you will be entertained.  It’s not funny and even the supposed to be funny moments that are the out takes are not funny.

Please do yourself and your bank account a favour.  If you plan to go see this film then just stay home or spin the wheel again in the lottery of going to see a film.  Mother’s Day offers nothing new, doesn’t land on the joke front, and is so sweet that I almost went into a diabetic coma while viewing.  Being sweet isn’t a reason to pay into a cinema or spend the time it takes to watch this.

Fingers crossed I get to write a positive review soon, but in the case of Garry Marshall and Cast it’s not going to happen.

Director: Garry Marshall
Writers: Anya Kochoff, Matthew Walker
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts


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