MOVIE REVIEW: No Stone Unturned

The story of the 1994 massacre by UVF cowards of six innocent men enjoying Ireland beating Italy in the World Cup.  We see a dramatisation of the brutal and unnecessary killing of the six men and savage injuring of the other patrons and staff, then we travel from that time to our time to see the journey that the Survivors and Victim Families have gone through to find peace and some form of Justice that was denied to them for nearly 25 years.  Not just from the terrorist groups but from the British Government agents.

I want to point out straight from the start that I’m proud to be Irish, there are days that I’m so proud that I want to burst because I’m Irish, and this documentary made me ashamed for being born on this island.  I feel that both sides of the terror campaign known as The Troubles are nothing but cowards who would have preferred to stab one another until there was no one left rather than sit at a table and talk until they couldn’t manage any more words.  Both sides of the conflict will NEVER have any respect or compassion from me.

This documentary brings the story of the six men killed and countless injured and their families who have struggled to fight against the lies of the British Government for 25 years.  Everyone in Ireland knew that the Police and Armed Forces were in bed with the terrorists, with both sides using the other to kill innocent people who just wanted to live in peace, I’m sorry but I’m still angry writing this review, and so I should be.  Alex Gibney is an amazing Documentary Film maker and has a bit between his teeth for the subject matter that shows.

I know a lot of people are unsure about spending their cinema cash on a documentary, but this is the pure essence of what the cinema is created for.  You go through a whole range of emotions as you relive the terrifying the events of the 18th of June 1994, then the aftermath of the event with the families and survivors.  I felt every ounce of pain and suffering and confusion of the events that the families and everyone around it felt.  This small community of both religions lived in peace and for no other reason than the match was on and the cowards of gunmen knew that Catholics would be in that pub at that time they were killed.

Gibney won’t just report the facts as they are laid out, he digs deeper and finds more and more and pushes.  It’s a touchy subject still in Ireland, and the Police are still unable to prosecute anyone, but Gibney has an amazing trick up his sleeve that you have to stay around to see.

For me the biggest tears didn’t come for the children of the Victims, although it’s heartbreaking for them, they came for one of the survivors.  The young Barman, who managed to survive a shot to his kidneys, you can feel that every waking moment of the last 25 years he has lived that moment.  It couldn’t have been any more than a few minutes but he’s stuck there, it’s not just survivors guilt, it’s the fear of the moment.

No Stone Unturned is yet another documentary that we all must watch and understand.  With the Power Sharing Executive in Northern Ireland facing a possible collapse we have to stand up and say no more.  We have, as Irish people, and humanity around the world, we have to stand up and say not in my name, not in my country.  Lets lock these people into a room, give them food and water, until it’s sorted.  We cannot allow this beautiful small island on the edge of a vast ocean to become hell again.  Probably the most important documentary for Irish people that I’ve ever seen.  Peace and Love to you all.


Director: Alex Gibney
Writer: Alex Gibney
No Stone Unturned is produced by Fine Point Films in association with Jigsaw Productions.


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