Director: Ericson Core
Writers: Kurt Wimmer, Rick King, W. Peter Iliff
Stars: Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Ray Winstone

The classic 90’s action film, that I love and see on a equal footing as Die Hard, is remade into some hateful abomination that should have been stopped.  Seriously if we were going to send a Terminator back in time to do anything, and a lot of people who I know would back me on this, it would be to stop this from being made.  I can’t understand why they decided to remake this, stop it, just stop remaking the good movies that formed the basis of my 90’s entertainment, why don’t they take the average or bad action movies and remake them.


Here we have some similarities to the 90’s version of the movie.  Taking a more extreme sports view and a lot of parties around the sports.  The 90’s movie brought us extreme sports before You Tube and high sugar drink companies sponsorship, it was more spiritual and more enlightened, here we just have a group of modern day Robin Hood thrill seekers trying to complete a bunch of quests.  The FBI are out to stop this international group of thieves, on the basis that they are targeting American businesses, which doesn’t make too much sense.  In the original it was all about a group of bank robbers who stole from banks to travel around the world living their care free lives, slightly more believable, well a lot more likely.  I think that in the production meetings for this horrid remake some producer said ‘We have to go international!’ and because it was the only idea in the room it happened.


I did find one thing positive about this film, which is why it got a 1 and not just a abusive tweet sent to the director, and that is the cinematography.  This is one of the best photographed films I’ve seen in a long time, the mix of live action and computer generated effects works well.  It’s just such a shame it’s an awful film.  I did leave the cinema asking one question, ok, maybe two questions.  First question was why didn’t I walk out half way through?  The answer to that question is because I’m dedicated to the job that I do, it’s the one job that I’ve loved doing in rain, hail, and snow.  I live in Ireland so that’s a lot of each of those weather patterns.  The second question is… does Delroy Lindo ever age?  I swear to the giant squidface that looks over us all he looks better now than in Ransom.


Back to Point Break, I normally don’t tell people to avoid a movie, but there is nothing here worth the cash that you have in your pocket or that you steal from someone elses.  You don’t care about any of the characters, each of the main characters in the original stuck with you, here you would shoot them yourself if you had a gun, you’d ruin the cinema screen and go to jail, but it would end the suffering.  I want to know if Ray Winstone even looked at the script here, I think he had about 10 lines the whole movie, and I only remembered that he was in the film when he suddenly popped up again and again.


If you love action movies or good movies in general then here is Uncle Gar’s main tip for you, not that tip, too creepy, so here we go.  Get the DVD/BluRay/Netflix thingy of the original movie, and I can’t believe that these guys made Keanu Reeves look less wooden, but watch that.  If you pick to spend your cash on this I have no sympathy for you.  Action movies are meant to make you like, if not love, some of the characters in the film, so that when danger happens you feel something.  You just can’t look like you’re being deep and expect that to be enough.  If you do it right the first time then every few years release that version, don’t go back to that place.  You please no one!

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